Posted by: thiscait | December 5, 2006

Various Updates


…is doing OK. Better. I’ll let her fill you in on the details when she’s ready, but things are happier for all of us these days, and that is good.

The Girl

…is going crazy. After a month and a half of dragging herself around millitary-style, she learned to do the traditional crawl over Thanksgiving weekend. She also learned how to sit herself back up after she’s done crawling. She’s traveling farther and faster by the day. Last Monday, she figured out how to pull herself to standing on a surface the height of her knees. This morning she pulled herself up to stand at her activity table. This evening at the bookstore, she pulled herself up multiple times on the kid-size benches and made attempts to cruise. She’s got the moving her hands part down. It’s the feet she sometimes leaves behind. Solid foods have taken on new meaning for her, and she’s beginning to really swallow notable quantities of food with great enthusiasm. She’s grown too wiggly for her bath ring, so bathtime is now a free-for-all in an inch or so of water. Video here if YouTube doesn’t reject it.


…am fine. Had an appointment with my Lyme Doctor today. The good news is, I have been noticing improvement. This is the first time in the 5 years since the damn tick bit me that I can say that with confidence and continue the treatment that’s causing the improvement. This is a good thing. But, it means at least 6 more months on this medication. Which means at least a year before I could TTC. So, we’re thinking and talking, but it’s looking more and more like Jen will carry the second child. It’s not just the timing–there are a number of reasons, which I will go into at a later date. I’m OK with this likelihood.

The Adoption

…court date is next Tuesday. I have received no confirmation that everything is OK with the second homestudy. Nor have I received word that anything is wrong with it. I’m just gonna be on edge until it’s over. Hopefully, by this time next week, it will be.



  1. Wow. So much going on. Sounds like things are good for you guys.

    When are you coming back to the Midwest? Sanna misses her playmate. (And the moms would like to see the moms too).

  2. Thank you so much for the update. I’ve been checking in daily. Glad to hear that things are gradually improving all around. Just hoping that the adoption court date goes well and you can get this obstacle out of your hair once and for all! Love and best wishes to you 3!

  3. Thanks for the update (and the adorable video — I love the little washcloth to make the video YouTube friendly). I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for next Tuesday.

  4. Nat looks like the cutest little babyfish ever. Thanks for posting the video, and I too love the “modesty washcloth.”

    I’m glad you are feeling better, and look forward to more updates from Jen and on the TTCing.

  5. Cute video!

  6. So glad that you are feeling better.
    Will have fingers crossed for next tuesday for a smooth court date.

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