Posted by: thatjen | December 7, 2006

Just Who’s the Baby Here, Anyway?

Cait is right. I am doing better, and I will write more about it later. But, like everyone, I still have my days, and today looks like it’s going to be one of them.

She didn’t want to nurse this morning*. She bit me when I offered her the opportunity anyway. I bumped her head getting her out of the car at the babysitter’s. She had huge grins for the babysitter, her son, and the ceiling fan. She wouldn’t even look at me when I said goodbye. And then I had to get in the car and leave her for the fourth day this week.

Sometimes I really hate being a working mom.

*She nursed all night, so she’s not starving.



  1. I understand how you feel. Yesterday my 8 month old put his arms out for the babysitter while I was holding him. It killed me. I’m happy because he likes her, but I want to make sure I’m still #1 (along with his father).

  2. They really know where those buttons are. Not that I think she is doing that on purpose….. not yet anyway 🙂

  3. Ugh. Must be something in the air. I had one of those days this week too and they stink. Any one or two of the crappy little nuisances wouldn’t cause too much despair, but when all piled on together look out. I hope the bad part of your day is over and I am sure she will be thrilled to see you when you pick her up/see her at home.

    And sometimes when I pick L up from daycare he gives me a stone cold stare. Thanks honey.

  4. so sorry for a bad day. But glad that you posted. missed you.

  5. I’m sorry for the bad day. And the biting: ouch.

    I hope things improve pronto. That’s the great benefit of babies: everything is always changing.

    Of course, that’s the great drawback, too….. 🙂

  6. Oh, I’m sorry. My mom ran an infant-toddler daycare, and I remember many a time when the child was more interested in the new environment than the mom. It must be so hurtful. But rest assured that you are still the mom, and she loves you (and Cait) best.
    Hope tomorrow is better!

  7. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time. Arden didn’t do much but whine at me tonight when I picked her up, but her old infant room teacher came by and Arden leaned out of the stroller for a kiss. Being a working mom sure does have its crappy moments, doesn’t it?


  8. Thanks for all of the empathy. Indeed, when I picked her up this afternoon, it was entirely different. She grinned ear to ear and made it quite clear that nursing should commence immediately if not sooner. So all is well, and we’re going to start working towards reducing the overnight nursing (or at least the early-early morning stuff, like 3 am).

  9. Sorry for the rough day, Jen.

    If you figure out how to reduce that 3am feeding, wouldja blog about it? Inquiring minds are desparate to know. 🙂

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