Posted by: thiscait | December 12, 2006

Adoption Day

Today’s hearing was actually the easiest part of the entire process. The judge, much to our surprise, was quite nice, and interrupted herself multiple times to comment on how cute Natalie is, or to laugh at something she was doing. She made sure that everyone was clear that the adoption would mean that Jen and I have equal legal ties to Natalie (um, yeah, that’s the point), and then read some stuff and declared it done. We took pictures, and she had us pick out a children’s book from a little bookshelf in the courtroom, which she inscribed for Natalie. That was it. No drama, no more hoops. Most importantly, it’s done. Our girl has two legal parents, and now we can go back to living our lives without worries about social workers or other fun intrusions.

And now for the pictures.

Natalie shares her opinions and questions during the hearing

The happy family post-hearing



  1. I would concur that she is QUITE adorable!

    Mazal Tov on such a momentous occasion!

  2. I am so relieved for you that all of that is over. I love the picture of the three of you smiling together. What a beautiful family you are.

  3. SOOOO happy for you all!!

  4. Congratulations Cait and Jenn. I am so very happy for your wonderful family.

  5. yayayay for no more hoops great pics!

  6. which book did you pick??

    and congratulations!


  8. Congrats! We can relate to how stressful the process was and then how totally anti-climactic the actual day was. The result is all that was important though so glad you guys were able to get it accomplished!

  9. I am shocked at how much Natalie has grown! It seems like just yesterday she was born!!!

    She is the cutest! I am so glad that this journey is over for the three of you.


    Debbie from South Georgia

  10. Congratulations! Congratulations! Wheeeee!

    Natalie, you are a lucky little girl.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS! You have always been a family, but now you have the legality out of the way so now you can just be.

    So happy for you all!

  12. HURRAH! This is great news– Congrats on getting this HUGE step done. I’m so pleased for all of you.

  13. Great news, great pictures, and great that Natalie has been officially deemed cute in a court of law. I’m happy for your happy family!

  14. Oh boy! Oh JOY! How great!! Huge supporter delurking to say YAY!!

    Feel the stress going down the drain.

    Now there’s nothing to do but ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY this marvelous occasion and keep being the wonderful family that you already are!!!!

    CHEEEEEEERRRS (in the biggest loudest inside voice I can use at work)!!!!!!

    Great news.

  16. Congratulations! So happy for you! Finally — living life like a normal family without someone looking over your shoulder!

  17. Woo-HOO!!!!

  18. Yay!!!!!!! I’m very relieved and happy for you guys!

  19. Congratulations you guys! I wish we could do that here.

  20. Congratulations!

  21. Congratulations to two wonderful Mommies!

  22. Beautiful!

  23. This is such wonderful news and the picture is really lovely. Super big congratulations on getting this all done.

  24. Congratulations, you three! So marvelous!

  25. I’m so happy for you. Congratulations!

  26. Congratulations! Yippee!

  27. Mega-adorable, in fact!

    Congratulations! What great news!

  28. Natalie,

    You are a very lucky little girl. Hope we can play together when I get back to the States!


  29. Congratulations on the legal recognition of you all as a family – it must be wonderful to get it all sorted, despite the glitches.

  30. Congratulations! Oh, so wonderful and such a relief, yes?!

  31. Congrats on the milestone of making your family LEGAL! Whoo hoo!

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