Posted by: thiscait | December 15, 2006

We Only Had a Child to Help With the Housework

Natalie is mobile enough now that doing household chores with her around is getting more difficult. She climbs into the dishwasher, eats paper, unfolds laundry, and chews on power cords, shoes, or anything else left in her path. Entertaining, yes. Helpful, not so much. I’m just waiting for her to figure out how to pull on the tablecloth. Anyone who has ever seen our dining room table (a.k.a. the place where all papers go to die) knows just how screwed we are.



  1. Oh, ladies…I feel ya! We can’t use the dishwasher, fold laundry, or anything else without “help.” We’ve begun loading and unloading the dishes while he’s in his highchair still or when he’s in bed for the night. As for laundry, we just throw all the clean things on the floor of my closet and forget it. It’s easier for me to get nothing done because I attempted nothing than to have worked for hours and gotten nowhere 😉

  2. Noah found the tablecloth yesterday.

    Since Jill actually uses that table for work, and it was at that moment covered with work paperwork and work laptop, there was some panic involved.

    Strangely, there has not yet been a decision to abandon the tablecloth.

    BTW, we are using Noah as a human dustmop, although we try to retrieve actual dust bunnies before he eats them.

  3. Now that Natalie is crawling on all fours, she’s a less effective dustmop than she used to be. And she’s way too good at getting things into her mouth.

    Our table got a little scarred by a pumpkin incident a few years back, so Jen likes to keep a tablecloth on it. I think when Natalie discovers the tablecloth we may have new incentive to refinish the top and abandon the cloth.

  4. I have that exact dishwasher nipple basket. And are those Dr. Brown’s bottles I see? I’m using those also.

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