Posted by: thatjen | February 28, 2007

BVV No More – Updated

(Gross post warning for those with sensitive stomachs.)

It’s true: all good things must come to an end. Our days as Baby Vomit Virgins have ended. Last night I heard an odd sound over the monitor and was not terribly surprised to discover that she had puked (real puke*) for the first time ever. And the second. With the third through seventh following throughout the long, long night. Cait and I each got in the crossfire (thankfully only once each).

Natalie was — understandably! — outraged and confused by this miserable turn of events. The first time it was a tiny bit funny as her rage and confusion were so palpable and she wasn’t holding anything back (what is wrong with my body?! this is gross! and wrong! and you’re MESSING with my FACE! stop it!!!!) but as the night progressed it was heartbreaking. And exhausting.

Thanks to the Internets we knew what to do and redecorated most of the house in towels. We also knew — but hoped it wouldn’t be true for us — chances were good that we’d also experience another BVV: Baby as Virus Vector. And we did. I’m down but starting to turn around (mmmm! ice chips!). It looks like Cait’s in for a rough night. And Natalie? She’s been fine since 8 am this morning, Thank God. I cannot imagine if we had all been sick at the same time.

This too shall pass. One way or another.

Natalie was fine all day. But at 12:30 am or so we got back on the Hurl Express. She and I stayed home today. Cait made the attempt to go to work but was home again before 11:00. The washing machine is running non-stop.

*You know, lots of people tell you again and again that poop changes and becomes truly nasty once you start solids. Nobody ever mentions that spit-up changes into hard-core vomit. Spit-up is almost cute, in hindsight.



  1. So, so sorry. Puke is no good when it is coming out of anyone and is especially no good when coming out of everyone. Quinn yacked on herself and me this morning, I can only assume out of solidarity with Natalie. Hope you all feel better soon!

  2. Oh, damn! Nothing quite prepares you for the loss of baby vomit virginity. And there is truly NO WAY to avoid getting whatever virus they’re carrying.

    Here’s hoping Cait’s ready for some ice chips soon, too!

  3. It had to happen. It’s an important milestone in mothering, that first time you find yourself saying “that’s okay, baby, just get it all up on Mama’s shirt.”

    Polarfleece blankets also work nicely as vomit catchers. They don’t stain, and wash and dry so easily. Ask me why I know this. Oh wait, you don’t have to. You know.

    I hope you’re feeling well enough to have a coke with those ice chips. Cait, too.

  4. oh man, this sucks, big time!

    So so sorry.

    We now have DVFH #97 running in our house as we speak.


    love and soup to the mommies and to Nat!

  5. Oh, I am very sorry. I hope everyone feels better soon.

  6. Awww. poor little booboo. Hope y’all are feeling beter really soon.

  7. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I’m so sorry. We are now on day 9 of Stomach Virus from Hell. It seems to last 7 full days for each person who gets it. So both my sons and my husband have gotten it. Me? So far I’ve avoided it (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!). But I have not been this depressed or tired in quite a long time. This parenting thing is relentless, ain’t it? I really hope you feel better soon and that this is just a short thing for you.

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