Posted by: thatjen | March 4, 2007

Wrapping Up the (W)retched Week

Since our last episode, the folks here at AddProb have been having a grand old time!

Thursday evening: Jen, wanting to add to the fun, lazily tries to step around the piece of furniture substituting for a stair gate and slams her foot into the wall, breaking a toe.A former martial artist lifelong klutz, this is not her first broken toe and merely adds to the general merriment.

Friday: Still dealing with Natalie’s ear infection, Cait attempts to administer a dose of sticky-sweet, lurid pink antibiotic.She finds her hands too shaky, and passes the medicine and spoon off to Jen. Following the directions on the bottle, Jen begins to shake the bottle vigorously. The cap flies off and a gooey stream of bubblegum-scented syrup arcs through the air, splattering over the table, the floor, and Jen, from head to toe. At this point, Jen and Cait laugh – what else are they going to do? – clean the floor, strip the table, change clothes, and give Natalie what little remains of the medicine. She blows bubbles, spraying it further.

Later Friday: Jen and Cait make their wobbly way to work, while Natalie goes to Gram’s, only to discover that poor Gram has been felled by the absurdly contagious malaise. Grandpa takes over.

Friday afternoon: still unable to eat more than bland white foods, Jen and Cait cancel their plans for dessert with friends.

Late Friday evening: Natalie, who has been eating, and keeping down, all the pediatrician-recommended BRATY foods, pukes yet again.

Thankfully, since then, things have improved considerably. Foods stay where they belong, out-of-town Grandpa has come to visit and tackle various house projects, and everyone was able to enjoy an early takeout birthday dinner from Jen’s favorite restaurant. The washing machine has coped marvelously with round-the-clock operations, and by some miracle almost all of the clothes have been folded AND PUT AWAY. We’re hoping things stay on this upward trend for the foreseeable future.


  1. oooof! I had that NASTY bug a week or two ago, and it knocked me out for a week and a half.

    Much braty love to you guys.


    Were you able to get a refill on the antibiotics?

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