Posted by: thiscait | March 14, 2007


So Natalie’s fever has continued since Monday, going down with ibuprofen, but coming right back. Yesterday she was the most miserable I’ve ever seen her. She would just ask to nurse, and then wail when I couldn’t do it (and, yes, for the record, I did try offering my boob as an option. It was rejected.) Even in her newborn days I don’t think she ever cried as much as she did yesterday. Today was marginally better, but still feverish and miserable and involving much holding and little interest in playing or being put down. Her nose is running like a faucet. She’s drooling like mad. Her eyes are now goopy and running. A fountain of bodily fluids, she is. She’s coughed/cried herself hoarse. Most of her coughs end in a whimper or a full-out cry. Time for a visit to the pediatrician, no?

In the waiting room, she sat in my lap, only making feeble attemtps to play before giving up entirely. She croaked “hi” at anyone who entered the waiting room. People sat as far from us as possible. (No one answered her.) I moved us into a corner to avoid the string of mothers coming in for newborn visits. I was glad when we were finally called back. She has either the beginnings of a second ear infection, or the return of the first. The stomach bug hit at the end of the antibiotic course, sothe first one may never have entirely gone away. She also has bronchiolitis, which is making her breathing wheezy, rapid, and shallow. She has spent the evening sleeping on us. I know she’ll be fine, but it’s just so sad to see her so miserable.

On the up side, she’s learned a new word. As a general rule, our TV is banished to a closet under the stairs, and we’ve been vigilant to the pont of obsession about keeping Natalie TV-free, but youtube has provided some helpful bits of distraction…


  1. oh my! We suffered the broncholitis thing – it’s AWFUL! Steam shower treatments are somewhat helpful. Did they give you an inhalor?

    Much love and light to you guys.


    (Malka now says OH NO when she drops, er, THROWS something down on the floor – SO CUTE!)

  2. So sorry. I’m absolutely dreading the first illness. DREADING, I tell you.


  3. ugh…sounds awful. ((((hugs))) to Nat.
    & muppets aren’t real tv — set the muppets free!!!

  4. awww hope she feels better

  5. Oh no! Good luck and hopes for a speedy recovery for Natalie

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