Posted by: thiscait | April 4, 2007

A Whole New Kind of Molar Hell

Two years ago, we were beginning our exit from molar pregnancy hell. Jen’s beta was finally zero, and we were making plans to start trying again–doctor recommendations be damned.

This week we are having a very different molar struggle. Involving the ones in Natalie’s mouth. Or, not quite in, which would be the problem.

Jen and I are on Spring Break this week. We decided last month during one of our perennial discussions regarding the state of sleep in our house that this would be a good week to make some changes. Since we have no classes of children to be responsible for by day, being a little more sleep deprived than usual would be OK. And naps might be possible. So we made our plan. Weeks of one bug or another had gotten Natalie into the habit of waking numerous times a night to nurse. We decided that this week (starting last Friday night, actually) we would night wean. We expected it would be hard, and would involve some tears, but they’d be tears while we rocked her, comforted her, etc. And they’d pass and, voila!, we’d have a girl who could sleep through the night. Heh.

The night weaning was a snap. Natalie has gone 5-7 hours without nursing overnight every night since Friday. However, the SLEEPING? That’s been crap.

On our best night since Friday, she only woke every hour. Other nights, it’s been more like every 15-30 minutes. The waking seems to be limited to the 12-5 range, but really, that’s the worst part of the night, as far as I’m concerned. And she’s not desperate to nurse. It’s been weird–they’re different from her “I want to nurse” wakings, and she needs very little help resettling, but just.keeps.waking.up. We knew her molars were coming in, but she’d been fine during the days and we’d been giving her tylenol before bed, so we figured we were just royally screwing up the sleep thing, and began to scold ourselves appropriately. Until I stuck my finger in her mouth this morning to see how the molars were progressing. And Natalie let out a yelp and began to cry. Oh.

So tonight is homeopathy night. And I’ve set up a mat on her floor where I can cosleep with her if need be.

We sure hope this molar madness resolves a hell of a lot more quickly than the last one. And that the results are as good.


  1. oh, poor boo!

    Have you tried the frozen washcloth thing?

    Also, the tylenol only gives you about 4 hours of respite, but mortrin, baby? 8 blissful hours. Maybe that will help her out a bit?

    Kisses to her.

  2. Yeah, ditto on the motrin thing. Not only does it last longer, but it has anti-inflammatory properties that tylenol does not have.

    There is also a *tiny* chance that she has an ear infection. That is how Quinn has been acting and she has an ear infection. I believe that the molar area and the ear area are close-enough that they would share nerve endings. Just something to consider…

  3. We’ve tried both tylenol and motrin. Unfortunately, the worst nights were when she was taking motrin, so we switched back last night to see what would happen.

    We haven’t done the frozen washcloth, but she’s been devouring peas and mixed vegetables straight from the freezer. I bought her some frozen blueberries last night.

    The ear is a good thing to keep in mind. She’s already had two ear infections, so she may be one of those kids that gets them a lot. Sigh. She’s eating well, which she hasn’t when she’s had them before, and the molars are definitely involved, as parts have already come through. However, still worth considering.

  4. We kept being told to give Julia motrin for teething as the anti-inflammatory properties are better for teething than tylenol, and it always just seemed to make things worse…

    Until we remembered that ibuprofen can upset tummies. So we started giving it to her right after she ate. Also helped with the molar pain? Double dosing. Our doctor told us to do this… tylenol and motrin are processed by different systems. One is processed by the liver and one by the kidneys. We stagger the doses so that one is always in her system when the other wears off. So, we’ll give her motrin and then two hours later we’ll start the tylenol. This system is the ONLY thing that helped during the molars and the canines (those canines were BITCHES).

    Oh it’s so hard when they’re teeth hurt.

  5. Sorry about the molars. My two are still dealing with that as well. I look in their mouths, and the corners are through the gums, but the center is still submerged- youch! That’s been going on for a couple months now… they’re slow to come in. My two are very grumpy during the day lately, and I think that partly could be why. Or else we’re just going through a super-grumpy phase. Either way, by the time bed time comes they seem to be worn out (perhaps from working so hard at being so grumpy, or perhaps from being achy all day), and they sleep. I am counting my blessings!

    My friend cosleeps, and her daughter is now 21 months. They just night weaned last week. I know they have gone through many phases over time of restless sleeping, which usually just resolve somehow, but they are miserable in the meantime. I can’t imagine how hard it must be, and I admire you forr sticking to what you think is best for your child as far as cosleeping goes, even at the expense of your own comfort. I’m really sorry you are having such restless nights.

    The only very assy assvice I have is to consider that molars may or may *not* be the problem at night… sometimes I get locked into thinking “Aha, I know what’s wrong!” And then I find that it was something else and I was going at it from a wrong angle. It is easy for me to believe they are in pain and need me or comfort or whatever desperately. Sometimes they are just BEING a pain. Heh. They get that from their mother.

    Good luck!

  6. Oh, poor thing! We are in teethy land as well, but it is just top teeth. Nothing nearly as difficult as molars. We redose tylenol in the middle of the night (I want to avoid motrin if I can because of our reflux situation) and that seems to work for us. I am sure you are already doing this however, so I am no help. Just hugs.

  7. Re-reading this I realize that oops, maybe she’s not in your bed anymore? Sorry if I misread, but either way, good for you for being there for her and getting her through. You are great mamas!

  8. From what you wrote you may already know this, but just in case… the only thing that worked on mine (who teethed with molars off and on for MANY MONTHS)was the homeopathic tooth pain remedy. We dissolved the tabs in a spoon with a little water and his face would light up when he saw it. Also the frozen washcloth was great! just make sure you use a baby size one since otherwise you end up with an enourmous mess.

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