Posted by: thiscait | April 15, 2007

One Year

Blowing out the Candles

I love this picture of my girls.

We followed up last night’s family party with a bigger gathering of friends and family. I was worried that Natalie would be overwhelmed by the huge group of people, but she proved herself a true cohousing baby and loved every minute of the chaos. We sang songs, ate cake, hung out and talked, and I barely even saw my daughter. She spent most of the afternoon attached to an aunt, a grandparent, a friend… But every time I searched her out in the crowd, she was grinning.

Some sweet moments:

  • For today’s party, she wore the dress that Jen wore for her first birthday. Made by Jen’s grandmother.
  • We circled up mid-party and did some singing (led by a good friend and her guitar). Natalie grinned and glowed and signed “more” at the end of every song. She loves music so much.
  • Not only did she do a great job of smashing the little cake we made for her, she fed some to her Gram.
  • Shelli and Malka came to town for the party and spent the weekend with us. It was delightful to watch the girls play together, and Shelli was wonderfully helpful–thank you so very much!
  • Jen decorated the bigger cake (I baked it), and it came out beautifully!
  • We took her 12 month basket picture before the party. She’s so big!


  1. Did you say you made that cake?
    I’m in freaking awe.

    Natalie has the squishy-est cheeks eva! Delish!

  2. Happy birthday, Natalie! And congratulations on conquering the first year of motherhood, Jen and Cait!

  3. Happy Birthday. We thought of your family yesterday while visiting another family with a tax day baby for her birthday party! 🙂

    Hope your second year is just as fabulous if not better!

  4. those photos are adorable!
    I love that she wore a “generational” dress.

  5. What a cute basket picture. Happy Birthday Naterpillar!

  6. Delurking to say happy birthday, Natalie!

    And that twelve month basket picture is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time!

  7. Happy Birthday. I’ve loved all the basket pics!

  8. besides the obvisous reasons it was so wonderful to see you and Jen and Nat, TMX Elmo and the cart made it ALL the more worthwhile!

  9. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, Miss Natalie! I was absolutely thinking of you on Sunday – just didn’t make it online much that day. Glad you had a lovely celebration or two!

  10. Happy Birthday!

    cute pictures of her in basket. wow – grew so much!

  11. Happy birthday Natalie and congratulations moms on the first year!

  12. Happy Birthday Natalie (a little late)!!
    LOL – I LOVE the basket pictures! Too cute!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday, Natalie! You’re going to LOVE being 1.

  14. Happy belated birthday Natalie!

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