Posted by: thiscait | May 6, 2007

Video Evidence

This is from this afternoon. She seems to be figuring it out pretty quickly. Time to move to the next level of childproofing.

And, as an added bonus, Natalie’s farm report.

(What you can’t hear at the end of the video is that she’s breathing heavily in an attempt to snort like a pig. She still hasn’t figured it out.)



  1. Narda and I saw that rug “situation” a mile away! 🙂 welcome to the world of those non-stick thinggies to go under rugs.

    MAZAL TOV NAT! We’re SO proud!

    I’ll have to show the video to Malka when she’s awake…

  2. Too cute.

  3. very cute!!! 🙂

  4. Those are some really good walking skills there. She was even able to stand up again without holding on to anything. I’m impressed. I don’t think my son did that until he had been walking for some time already.

    Go Nat!

  5. All of our hallway rugs are temporarily rolled up in the garage. It was just too slippery.

    I *loved* the farm report!

  6. look at her go! she’s so awesome & strong! go go go natalie!

  7. That is adorable!
    Robin (the other mother)

  8. Wow, she is picking up that walking thing pretty quick! Watch out!

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