Posted by: thiscait | May 27, 2007

Seven Things I Can’t Even Remember About Me

We’ve been tagged twice for this meme, so Jen and I are each answering it. I started my list in my head the other day, and then, when I tried to tell Jen about it, realized I couldn’t remember a single thing. And yet, people leave their children with me on an almost daily basis. Makes me wonder about the freaks who will someday be teaching/caring for my daughter. Yikes.
Anyway, here’s what I’ve got:

  1. I’ve only ever dated one person besides Jen. No, I’m serious. And you can stop snickering now. My response to the thought that I might be a lesbian (a thought which I very quickly pushed away, despite the fact that my mom was/is a lesbian) and some childhood shit was to just be asexual. Until my senior year of college, when a really stubborn woman yanked my out of my safety zone and made me deal with all of it. We’re still friends, amazingly enough. And then after her, I met Jen.
  2. I have a brother and a sister who were born 9 days apart. No, not the world’s longest twin labor, just my weird family at it again. My parents divorced when I was 3. My dad remarried, and my mom essentially remarried except that her partner was a woman, and we all know that THEY can’t get married. Anyway, my stepmom and my other stepmom got pregnant at the same time. I have no idea what the odds of that are, but there you have it. Even better, when my brother was born, my mom and her partner FREAKED OUT, because the only boy name they had been able to agree on was used by my dad and stepmom. Luckily for all of us, they had a girl.
  3. I have double ankle bones. Dunno why. But where all you normal people have one bump on the side of your leg where your foot and your leg join, I have two. They function completely normally–they just look weird.
  4. I had to quit karate last October because we couldn’t afford to pay for that and Natalie’s adoption at the same time. A no-brainer, really, but if you’ve been reading us for a while, you know that it was important to me. It took me a while to be able to write or talk about it without crying. I left thinking I’d be back soon, but now, financially and energy-wise, I just don’t know.
  5. I can’t drink champagne. I don’t really drink anyway, for a number of reasons (most important being that I just don’t like most alcoholic beverages). However, spring break of my senior year of college, a good friend and I went to France. We’d traveled together many times before, and all trips were adventures in the very best sense of the word. Our last night in France, we went a little overboard with the champagne. Possibly a lot overboard. Add in the many pastries that we decided we needed, since I hadn’t had enough of them my first trip there (eating disorder), and I woke up MISERABLE the next morning. Oh the puking. And then I had to get on a plane. Despite Jen’s many attempts to redeem champagne for me, I had sparkling cider at our wedding.
  6. I match my underwear to my outfit. This happens a little less now that our life is a little more chaotic–some days I just grab the first pair I come to–but in general, my underwear somehow coordinates. At least in my head it does. Don’t get too excited now–we’re still talking boring cotton undies. Just in a rainbow of colors. And occasionally, stripes.
  7. Back to freakish anatomy–the index finger on my right hand is notably curved. This is from years of jamming my finger on the lane lines during swim practices. Often while swimming butterfly. Ouch. And, yes, I’m a klutz. But I’m a klutz that can swim butterfly. And used to do it for long distances. So I guess that makes me crazy, too.

I think Jen and I will do shared tagging, so I’ll let her put that on her post.

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