Posted by: thiscait | June 1, 2007

Blogging for LGBT Families

It’s the end of the school year. Life is beyond hectic. We are beyond exhausted. We have approximately 30 minutes left in Blogging for LGBT Families Day.

Since last year’s post, we’ve come a long way. Our second parent adoption was finalized in December. A few months ago, we received an amended birth certificate listing both of us as Natalie’s parents. It is wonderful to have the legal hurdles behind us for now, to focus our energy on life together as a family.

“Mama” is a favorite word in our house these days. Natalie uses it to refer to both of us, clearly knowing while speaking it exactly which one of us she means. We can usually tell too. Like many of her words and signs, sometimes it becomes a game. She’ll say mama, I’ll say Natalie, she’ll say mama, I’ll say Natalie…you get the idea.

Lately, when the three of us are together, Natalie will point at one of us and say cheerfully, “Mama!” Then she’ll point to the other, announcing, “Mama!” Then she’ll grin proudly. Folks, my thirteen-month-old gets it. Why is it so hard for our lawmakers?



  1. why cant the whole world understand that just because a woman loves a woman or a man a man does NOT make them any different?

    If the majority of the earths population would stfu and realize that love is love no matter where it comes from, it would not just be the G&L communities that benefit, but the whole world.

    As a parent we should ALL be teaching our children to be tolerant to races, and to sexual orientation.

    underneath it all, we are all still just humans.

  2. I’m sure there is no more beautiful sound than how N says “mama” for each of you.

  3. Stopping by from Mombian…

    It is striking how something so simple can be so misunderstood.

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