Posted by: thatjen | June 9, 2007

I wonder…

…how many hours of my life have been wasted wandering around looking for my glasses? Not because I misplaced them per se, but because I set them down someplace and cannot SEE them. Argh.



  1. Time for a pretty beaded chain to hang them around your neck.
    I know, I know – seems like something old people do.
    But it does save time!

  2. My Mother does this every single day. And the said part is that they are usually resting, cutely, on top of her head. We have to sprinkle the house with reading glasses just in case she can’t find the “real” ones.

  3. Ha ha… you know you’re bad-off when you can’t see your own glasses :o) I’m in the same boat – sometimes I even have to have Susan look for them because I can’t actually see them if I drop them.

  4. Yup it happens almost everyday. I take my glasses off to take a shower and never can find them when I get out. Like you I cant see without them, its a huge pain when no one is here.

  5. I have about 4 places in the bedroom where I usually set them down, so I only get in trouble when I put them someplace out of the ordinary. Sometimes Cait has to help me find them, too.

  6. Oh. My. God. I am SO glad to hear that you do this also. I do it ALL THE TIME.

  7. That was one the deciding factors for lasik eye surgery. I got tired of not being able to find my glasses….

  8. I hate when that happens!!

  9. Jen, Cait, I’ve tagged you BOTH for a MEME. see my blog for rules.

    Also, I spend my days wondering where I’ve put my keyes. And my vision is 20/20.

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