Posted by: thiscait | July 7, 2007

Chicken Dance

Natalie has spots that look like this and this and this. We’re not positive that it’s the pox, but what else could it be? So we’re keeping her away from people and taking all the necessary precautions.

This is one time when living in cohousing sucks. If we had our own yard, she could go out and play and not see or infect anyone. Here it’s just not possible. And one of our (adult) neighbors hasn’t had chicken pox, and a few others have compromised immune systems, so we really do need to be careful. We’re letting her go out early in the morning when no one else is up and about yet. Of course, we have to keep her quiet, so as not to piss off the people who don’t like kid noise early in the morning.

Other than that, though, we’ve got to keep a seemingly-healthy kid entertained in a not-so-big house when she’d really much rather be playing outside. Strategies so far include:

  • Dance party. Jen’s stepmom gave us a CD of kid music set to a sort of baby techno beat. It’s like being in a tiny and somewhat bizarre club.
  • Jam session. Natalie and I played various instruments along with above mentioned baby techno. She’s getting pretty good on caterpillar.
  • Youtube. We found a video that I think will help Jen with my birthday cake. Natalie was unimpressed.
  • And, of course, books, books, and more books. Thank god she inherited the love of books.

Later today, we’re having some friends over to celebrate my 30th birthday. I think about 2 people are still coming. But we will have fun. And eat LOTS of cake. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find my kakensmoosher.


  1. Aw Cait! Happy Birthday!!! I am sorry Natalie is in solitary-ish confinement, her dance party sounds like a lot of fun though!

    (We are kind of birthday buddies. Today was my *duedate* 30 years ago, my actual 30th is in. 11 days. eep! )

  2. Conchita, I actually missed 7/7/77 by 35 minutes. My due date was the 8th, so I held out to be born exactly on time. Happy 30th in 11 days.

  3. Maybe mosquito bites? In the south we have mosquito’s that will pick you up and carry you off and those bites look like what my 4 year old son gets……. maybe?

    Happy Bday!

    Now, im back to lurkdom……

  4. I wish it were mosquito bites. Unfortunately, Natalie swells dramatically with mosquito bites, and these don’t look anything like that. Also, there are a few in her diaper area, which makes bites of any kind seem even more unlikely.

  5. Happy birthday dear Cait!

    Malka has some heat rash bumps that look similar – perhaps it’s worth a visit to Dr. Google?

    I can’t believe you’re ONLY 30!

    I’ll be 37 on 7/27/07….

  6. Mostly-lurker delurking to say Happy Birthday! Hope Jen and Natalie are recovering.

  7. Maybe its been a while but they don’t look like the pox to me and all three of us got it before the vaccine was available. The spots were splotchier and had a whitish center.

    Hope Nat gets out of confinement soon. What a difference a generation makes. When I had the pox, neighbors purposely sent their kids over to get it over with.

  8. Hmmm, its been forever since mine had the pox. My 4 year old never has had the vaccine. I’m not sure if it was required and we were overlooked at his pre-school or what….. but if N has the pox, can i send him up there a day or two?

    My teenagers had the pox when they were little and I wouldnt mind if Four had them too.

  9. thank you for sharing that cake video!!! i didnt know what to expect…but i was tickled to see the swedish chef. he was my father’s FAVOURITE on the muppet show ~ and i miss my dad so much lately, it made me smile a lot…

    i want a kakensmoosher for my birthday too! BTW – july-babies are cool peeps, i will be 36 on the 15th!


  10. When Sanna had her MMRV reaction/mild varicella, we learned that the rash typically follows the pattern of beginning on the trunk and spreading out toward the extremities. (I remember my own case of chicken pox arising in the same way.) Has Natalie’s doctor confirmed that she has chicken pox? I have to admit that Nat’s spots look a lot like the mosquito bites Sanna has right now.

  11. Happy Birthday!
    Those do look an awful lot like the spots my 1-yr old came down with, which were chicken pox (she had a very mild case – the benefits of catching chicken pox while you’re still nursing). In her case, the diagnosis was a bit easier because the pox showed up on her scalp first – considered definitive for chicken pox diagnosis, according to Dr Google and our real-life doc. Take care! Eat more cake!

  12. Happy birthday, you young, young thing. :o)

    Sorry about the pox. I remember having them as a 4 year old. I had 6 total. I hated being stuck in the house!

  13. That looks just like LM’s poxthat he had a few months ago! Good luck…it was not really that bad for us, I hope you have a mild case too.

  14. I don’t know what it is – was going to say bug bites, but it sounds like you’ve ruled that out. I had a very mild case of chicken pox – caught ’em from my sister – at less than a year old. Despite that, when I was tested in relation to fertility things, I was found to not have a resistance. I had to get the vaccine as an adult. I hope if it is chicken pox, it’s mild enough not to bother her and strong enough that she never has to deal with it again!

  15. Happy Birthday from a new visitor!!

    I’m sorry about Nat. I well remember the chicken pox days with my kids and it truly sucked trying to keep them all occupied, especially as they came down with them one after the other, as in a 2-week spread between each of them.

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