Posted by: thatjen | July 20, 2007

The Space Between

Since you last heard from us, we’ve…
…celebrated Cait’s 30th birthday with a small gathering of friends, a large quantity of chocolate cupcakes, and a gift that seems to have made up for the pox on the party.
…taken over 400 pictures with above-mentioned gift.
…recovered from shingles (all hail antivirals!) and presumed chicken pox.
…traveled over a thousand miles in the new microvan crossover vehicle (all hail the Mazda5! It’s a dream!).
…become reacquainted with four grandmas, one grandpa, two aunts and two uncles and COUNTLESS cousins, learning lots of new names and signs in the process.
…learned several new words: up! down! doll! out! stop! owl!
…visited with friends and waved goodbye to others as they moved to new adventures (sniff!).
…eaten lots of good bread, ice cream, and chocolate.
…not slept nearly enough. Ah well, it can’t all be good, can it?

Pictures (not all 400) to follow.



  1. yay for an update!!
    & happy belated birthday & end of chicken pox. phew!


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