Posted by: thatjen | September 9, 2007

Random Parenting Notes

Sometimes raising a child is a neverending sequence of “I never thought I would do that” moments. Cases in point:

  1. “Lima beans go in your mouth, not in the potty. And not on your vu!va either.”
  2. A friend passed on an exceedingly annoying greeting card, because she thought Natalie would enjoy it. She does. So much so that Cait just spent 5 minutes performing delicate surgery on it to replace the battery so that we can continue dancing like fools and losing our minds to the groovin’ sounds of the hideously misspelled Hampster Dance.
  3. Mooing whenever we turn off the playroom lights. A neighbor passed on a farm animal puzzle–the kind that makes animal noises when you put the piece in. The cow is missing, and the noises are triggered by changes in light levels, so it moos when we turn off the lights. We moo back.
  4. Listening to the same CD *every* time we get in the car, and having arguments over listening to the same TRACK ad infinitum. And losing.

How about you? Got any stories from your kids / friends’ kids / nieces / nephews / pets / hampsters?



  1. ha ha – we have that puzzle and the cats knock the pieces out. And we are forced to listen to MELMO singing “john jacob jingleheimerschmidt” on repeat… ugh

    “babies don’t eat dog/cat food”

  2. No Moo’ing….

    We have “J says Juh!” ad nauseum for every light change.. and sometimes for no reason in the middle of the night. Also
    “because I said so”
    “Paint is for PAPER, not mouths. “

  3. Not lately, alas, but I just had to laugh at the mooing. That is FANTASTIC. (No, I have no idea why. It just is.)

  4. Noah likes to “sing the alphabet” but he gets extremely irritated if we sing along.

  5. I swore I would never dip my kids pacifier into my beverage and then give it to the kid. HUH only 6 months old and already that has gone out the window.

  6. well, I’m always impressed that Juno, our senior citizen girl bit ME instead of Malka when she was in her face all the time.

    Malka LOVES saying “oh noooooo” with her hands up in the perplexed shrug when we ask her where something is. it’s WAY TOO CUTE.

    As for what we tell her? Well, the list is WAY too long.

    Well a recent funny one is: “Malka, your lovely is for sleeping, not your vagina.”

    She’s KEEN to point out her tush-tush and vagina. at every possible opportunity.

  7. heh we have that puzzle…who doesn’t love being moo’d at in the dark, LOL 😉

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