Posted by: thiscait | September 20, 2007

Hormonal Havoc

Jen’s first period post-partum has passed rather uneventfully. For her. I, on the other hand, have been spotting/bleeding since Saturday. For the record, I had my period two weeks ago. Apparently, my body is so excited she’s cycling that it’s having its own little private celebration. WTF? &*$#%@ hormones. If she continues to get her period, who knows what my body will do. Just another reason to hope for success this month.

However, so far this cycle we have remembered to temp exactly once, forgotten the first day of peeing on sticks for the fertility monitor, and refused to deal with the “how much sperm are we buying?” question. Oh, and completely failed in attempts to get in touch with the RE’s office. Promising start, no?



  1. wtf! How annoying to get a sympathy period!

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