Posted by: thatjen | October 15, 2007

Et Tu, Amazon?

In a fit of optimism last week, I included a copy of Siblings without Rivalry in my Amazon order (the remainder of which was books about potties, gentle parenting, and no biting… gone are the days of ordering books for FUN!). Then I completely forgot it was in the order.

Today was NOT the day I needed that Amazon box to arrive.



  1. bugger, I’m sorry.

  2. ouch.

  3. I would say suck…

    BUT I remain optimistic that you will in fact need that book in the not too distant future. So, I say, good to be prepared!

  4. Oh, I’m sorry. I am hopeful for you though.

    And, siblings without rivalry? Um, yeah, I’m sure that

    Just kidding. It’s good to have goals, after all!

  5. Meant to say “I’m sure that will come to pass. Yeah.”

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