Posted by: thiscait | October 17, 2007


As of Monday, Natalie is 18 months old. As in a year and a half. I am astonished.

She’s grown from this:

To this:

She’s talking like crazy, repeating everything we say. She counts to seven. She knows when she’s being silly, and cracks herself up. She climbs ladders. She greets random strangers on every outing, and chases dogs and cats. She requests her favorite songs over and over and over. She kicks balls and laughs with glee when she sees her beloved big kid neighbors. She signs “I love you” and gives spontaneous hugs and kisses. [for the record, she also still does not reliably sleep through the night, is perfecting her tantrum and fake crying skills, and is trying her hardest to find ways to manipulate her way out of going to bed] Not a day goes by without a reminder of just how lucky we are, and I am frequently awed that the universe somehow chose this child for us. Happy 18 months, my crazy wonderful monkey of a daughter.



  1. My damn but you two have grown one heck of a beautiful little girl! Those pictures are amazing…all that change in just a year and a half.

  2. Awwww!

    You know, I just ADORED that age. 18-30 months was golden. And looking at Natalie, I’m remembering why.


  3. sooo cute! Look at that smile!
    I can hardly believe she will be 18 months- wow.

  4. First time comment but I have been reading your blog since you got pregant with Natalie.
    I read all the usual baby blogs and just had to tell you that Natalie is my absolute favourite! Her strong spirit and solid connection to this world reaches me, through your words and her energy I can see.
    BTW, I have never made this type of comment on a blog before!

  5. That is too, too cute.

  6. How wonderful! Yay!

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