Posted by: thatjen | October 25, 2007

Subtraction (from the bank account ) Problems

After even more bureaucratic angst (turns out Cait and I had our bank accounts set up so we could transfer money INTO our join account but NOT out… making it impossible to amass the requisite three grand in any of the accounts) I wired the payment today. Because we are using the escrow company, we should be protected but it is an awfully stressful place to be… having all of our disposable cash out there in the ether with absolutely nothing to show for it. As my grandmother would have said, “This is making me nerval.”

I will be a much happier person in a week or so when (God willing!) the sperm has been safely shipped to the RE’s office AND I can verify that they have properly transferred it to my name and it’s all accounted for. Until then I can distract myself with wondering when the hell/if I will ever ovulate.


  1. Nerval! I love it!
    Thinking good thoughts for your money, your sperm and your eggs.

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