Posted by: thatjen | November 7, 2007

A Day without a Computer

Oh, the horrors! I’ll be spending today in a hotel breakout room with a bunch of strangers. Today of all days, too, when Cali should be getting her results (Cait has strict instructions to text me when anything is posted). To add to the fun, today is CD12 and Cait reminded me that for both of the last two cycles, I started bleeding on CD12.

The good news is that I am very much looking forward to the content of this seminar. jim trelease, THE reading guru will be sharing strategies for promoting readiNG. ID DO LINKS AND STUFFBUT NATALIE IS THREATENING A REVOLT. SEE YA LATER!



  1. sounds like it will be a goof seminar.
    & YAY for no spotting!!! gooooooooood sign!

    (also- my doc appt is at 2- so I will try to post the news as soon as I get home- maybe around 3??)


  2. I read “stuffbut” as a single word and am very amused by it.

  3. Ah, I love Trelease’s book. I hope it’s a solid distraction, he must be a polished presenter by now. But then there is the peril of high expectations….

  4. ooo – i wish i could be there with you.

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