Posted by: thatjen | November 8, 2007

The NataLexicon

Natalie is a talker. She repeats everything we say and pops up with all kinds of words we had no idea she knows. Her pronunciation is getting better all the time (to the point that she and I had a conversation of sorts on the phone yesterday – it was so clear it was disconcerting!) but there are still a lot of words that have their own Natalie twist to them. I want to capture some of the best before they, too, go the way of some words that have already settled into standard pronunciation so quickly that we can’t remember the Natalie version.

dost! = ghost. dosts say boo! it took us a while to figure out that she was overgeneralizing ghost, so dost actually means anything non-pumpkin that she recognizes as halloween-related (e.g. witches, scarecrows, monsters). more dost! she says whenever she finds halloween remnants at home or in the neighborhood
minnie = music. said with great delight or as a very imperious command
Peebah = Caleb. His name was originally Dahdah, then Bahbah but last week became Peebah. And we LOVE IT. Writing it out cannot begin to capture the cuteness.
wodit! = yogurt. for a few days we were calling her “the girl who cried wodit” because for days on end she would ask for yogurt and then turn it down. once she got over the cold last week she returned to her usual wodit-loving ways
pahbdee = strawberry. sometimes it sounds an AWFUL lot like potty, which is disconcerting
beeper = diaper. it used to be bipuh, but morphed recently
pees and hankoo = please and thank you. she also burped recently and said foosme (she has an unfortunate amount of role modeling in the burping department, but at least the role models are polite!)
beebir = large yellow bird on Sesame Street (via youtube clips)
fug (also sometimes fuck) = you know, that green guy that sometimes hangs out with beebir
bomma – bottom
peeem (as in what you put on her bomma if it’s rashy)
hinky and hicky (stinky and sticky)



  1. cracking up… so nice to preserve them. I am constantly amazed at how fast the cute pronounciations morph into “real” words.

  2. Who the fug is “fuck”? Green guy, with Big Bird? The only one I can think of is Oscar the Grouch, and I’m having trouble thinking how that would translate into Fuck. Can you see how badly I need another baby? I’m already losing my Sesame Street cred.

    For the record, when I was her age, fuck meant truck. My father found that WAY too amusing.

    Morning pants and/or stick report?

  3. Peeem! That’s adorable!

    My son is 23 months old and also says cute words like that. I need to remember to video tape him before he loses that charm.

    I thought “fug” was frog, but Kermit isn’t on Sesame Street, so I’m stumped.

    I’m just beginning my 2ww, so I’ve got a ways to go. Fingers crossed for you though!

  4. Claudia is correct. Fug is “frog”. I don’t know if Kermit is on Sesame Street now but he certainly was on vintage Sesame, which is all Natalie sees. Check out her current favorite:

  5. People. Of course fug is frog. Kermit is totally on Sesame Street.
    Nat is very cute.

  6. I forgot o’cone. Somehow she’s Irish when she’s eating that frozen wonder (ice cream)!

  7. I stand corrected (I was thinking he was only on the Muppet Show).

    Ha ha…then again, I said my son was 23 months old (he’s 25 months old), so I wasn’t totally with it when I commented the first time.

  8. oh this was the cutest post!!! i am sitting here trying not-to-laugh (hurts the herniated disk in my back) – thanks for sharing the cuteness. i dnot know which is my favourite…i think maybe BEEBIR. tho the FOOSMEE one cracked me up so much it hurt…

    hugs to miss natalie!

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