Posted by: thiscait | November 16, 2007

Comic Relief

We were out later than usual tonight at a family potluck for my class. When we got home, Natalie devoured mass quantities of “wodit” and then was ready to PLAY! We informed her that it was time to go upstairs and either take a bath or go directly to bed. She walked away saying something to the effect of, “mumblemumbleBUSYmumblemumbleMINUTE!” Jen and I gave each other a look of “did she really just say what I think she did?” and sat, dumbfounded, for a moment or two.

I decided to try again. “Natalie, it’s time to go upstairs and take a bath.” She looked at me intently and said in a calm but firm voice, “TIMER.”

Yes folks, my daughter just told me there was no way she was going upstairs without fair warning and the appropriate allotment of time.

The teenage years are SO going to suck.



  1. Too funny! I think y’all are in for it 😉

  2. wow. sounds like the girl is flexing her sass muscle!
    so cute.

  3. i’ve been lurking for a while but had to comment on this post. our daughter is a bit older than natalie i think, she’ll be 2 in 2 weeks. we totally give her the 2 minute warning for everything and she is the most easy going kid. when we forget she whines terribly and tells us that she needs a minute. although my wife just informed me that she’s been asking for 4 minutes lately. testing boundaries much? but what fun!? good luck on your journey for #2!

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