Posted by: thatjen | December 6, 2007

Cait and I are hosting a baby shower for some of our favorite blogfriends on Sat. Help us: songs with the word 'baby' for our soundtrack? Thanks!



  1. Santa Baby
    Baby Come Back
    Ice Ice Baby
    Baby got Back
    Baby it’s cold outside
    Having my baby
    Be My Baby
    Baby Beluga
    Here I am Baby
    Baby Love

  2. Baby Doll – Doris Day
    Baby Doll – Laurie Anderson
    Taking my Baby Up Town – Joan Armatrading
    Back in Baby’s Arms – Pasty Clark
    Baby I’m-a Want You – Bread
    Baby I Lied – Tracey Ullman
    Here Comes My Baby – Cat Stevens
    Cry Baby Cry – The Beatles
    Pretty Baby – Blondie (we sing this one to Phine)
    When you Were my Baby – The Magnetic Fields

    I love a music challenge 🙂
    And I have all these *wink wink*

  3. What no Britney: Hit my baby one more time?

  4. I’m sure it says something unpleasant about my subconsciousness, but what immediately sprang to mind was the “ooh, baby baby, buh-baby baby” refrain from “Push It” by Salt n Pepa.

    I’m sorry.

  5. Baby Baby–Amy Grant
    Baby Mine (and Baby, Now that I’ve Found You)–Allison Krauss
    I Wish My Baby Was Born–Be Good Tanyas
    Sweet Baby James–James Taylor
    The Babysitter’s Here–Dar Williams

  6. Baby love, my baby love, I need you OH how I need you…

    And that’s all I remember.

  7. baby bumblebee

    baby back ribs


    still laughing over Sophia’s comment!

  8. Ohhhh.. that song from Top Gun… Baby baby, I get down on my knees for you…

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