Posted by: thatjen | December 9, 2007


We did get snow, although only enough to net me a two-hour delay on Thursday (for which I am grateful, if still hoping for a real snow day in the next two weeks!). But I am buried not in snow but in bits and bytes. The firewall and router for our community’s Internet connection died Thursday night and it took a couple of days for service to be restored. In that time, I amassed a pile of email and a COLOSSAL load in Bloglines. I am working my way through both the email and the blog posts, but I am way behind in replying and commenting. So if anything exciting happened to you since Thursday, I’m sure I will find out and respond appropriately, by NEXT Thursday if not a tiny bit sooner.

The timing of the outage was pretty good, as we were very busy prepping for and throwing a baby shower for Jenny and Ezra, with a little bit of potty training madness around the edges*. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to make the party music mix based on your fantastic suggestions, but if I host another shower someday I’ll have the baddest baby music playlist in town! Pictures and more about the baby shower are forthcoming, I hope.

We’re also headed full speed towards Christmas (with a Hanukkah party to attend tonight for good measure). Only 6 days until our first family celebration (gifts purchased: 0), with another a week later, and two more the 24th and 25th (gifts purchased for the other three celebrations: 5, 80% of which are for recipients too young to know the difference, and the other 20% for someone who says she no longer wants the non-returnable item). And cards, and gifts for friends, and and and!

Tis the season for insanity, fa la la la la la la la la!

*We’re not pushing the potty training but Natalie has learned to remove her diapers and spends a lot of time yelling “No diaper! No diaper!” so we are going with the flow, so to speak.



  1. can’t wait to hear about the shower!! Will you post if there is anything the internets can do to contribute??

    & seriously- how horrible is it to log on to blog lines & see every effing blog in bold. It is sooo overwhelming.

    xoxo to you all.

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