Posted by: thatjen | January 8, 2008

Big Brother (no, not that kind, the BAD kind)

ARGH! I am so pissed off! That site (you know, the one we love to hate – the cycle charting one with chat forums) has blocked us from posting. And our heinous crime? Trying to suggest a website where someone could buy cloth diapers. Even though I have seen other people do that, and the forum in which I was posting has a long list of web links in its own description (which includes the site I was suggesting). Goddamn censorship!


  1. They probably had ads on their site. FF bans all links to sites with ads. Learned that the hard way…

    They’ll let you back in tomorrow or something, I think.

  2. sorry. that sucks.

    But my constant snarky status over there is why you’ll never see me with a “community credits” green line.

    And I wear that proudly. Like I’m one of the rebels or something.

  3. They suck!! Come over to…all the cool kids do it 😉

  4. I hardly say anything to anyone there and I have a big ole green line… WTF?

    That site has long since been too big for its boots!d

  5. Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  6. Oh, crimany, what is the frickin’ point of that? Geeeeeeeez……..

  7. has a nice forum for pregos and mommies too.

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