Posted by: thatjen | January 11, 2008

UPDATED AGAIN "Probably Boring" Update

Jenny asked me to let folks know that so far nothing much has happened. She’s had intermittent contractions and tried just about everything under the sun to get things going but to no avail. Even the dreaded castor oil just made her miserably uncomfortable with no help to her labor.

Please send some “get the hell going” vibes to her uterus. I will keep you updated as I hear anything.

New information – 1/12
Jenny’s fluid now has a yellowish/brown tinge, so they are going back to the birth center.

11:15 am
Jenny just called – the baby looked fine on the ultrasound and the midwives believe it’s probably more bloody show. There might be a small amount of meconium in the amniotic fluid but it’s not enough to be concerned about and is not affecting the baby. They have sent her home again. The best news is that she is 4 cm dilated so the midwives are optimistic that things may get moving soon.



  1. dear jenny’s uterus: “GET THE HELL GOING!” thank you. xo, chris
    jen, thanks for the update!!

  2. If you’re in touch with her Jen, you may, seriously, want to pass this on: it was the *second* dose of castor oil that got Co going. At the midwife’s recommendation. She might want to try it again.

  3. Unfortunately, “everything under the sun” includes TWO doses of c.o.

  4. Sheesh that scared me when I first read it.

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