Posted by: thiscait | January 12, 2008


At 6 weeks, the extra B vitamins Jen is on seem to be holding off nausea, but we seem to be running into problems where brain function is concerned. Oddly, this occasionally extends to me as well (or maybe I just like to have excuses…). Cases in point:

  • Last weekend Jen went shopping. She bought Natalie’s much loved whole milk yogurt. Unfortunately, the plain and vanilla versions of this yogurt come in nearly identical containers. She bought vanilla. Being tired and not wanting to deal with stores, we tried it. Natalie refused to eat it.
  • Thursday after picking Natalie up from her babysitter, Jen tried to pick up milk. While they were in the store, she managed to lose the car key. As it was raining, she spent an hour sitting inside the store wrangling a tired, hungry, restless toddler until I could come rescue her with another key.
  • Last night, while we were getting ready to go to her stepfather’s 80th birthday party, Jen answered the house phone. We have no idea where she put it when she was done. The battery is now dead, so the find handset feature won’t work. Over 24 hours later, the phone is still MIA. It’s a good thing we have another one.
  • Today Jen asked me to make cornbread. Somehow in the whole “how many batches?” conversation, and the distraction of a toddler, I measured four times as much honey into it. We have VERY sweet and slightly odd cornbread to go with our chili tonight.
  • This afternoon, Jen changed Natalie’s post-nap poopy diaper and then carried it upstairs to de-poop and dump in the diaper pail. Moments later, I heard a call from upstairs. “Don’t let Natalie wander around! I can’t find the poop!” Luckily, that was found much more quickly than the phone.
  • This evening, as she returned from the grocery store, Jen was mid-comment about how she had really made sure that she got plain yogurt this time, when she looked down at the bag and swore. It was plain, but it was also nonfat.

And (should we be so lucky) things will only get crazier from here…


  1. Ahh yes, the first trimester brain mush. I remember it well. I remember that I wasn’t remembering anything. The only two times I ever drove away from a gas station with the gas cap sitting on the roof of the car (and thus losing it) was when I was pregnant. Once with J and once with E.

    Happy remembering. 🙂

  2. hee hee- unfortunately for me, this symptom has not yet gone away, even as Clay approaches 3 months old.

  3. Yikes, girl. Make sure all of your fire detectors are working!
    Seriously, at least it’s only 9 months. And as someone for whom NOTHING has EVER worked to stave off nausea, I genuinely wish you a puke-free pregnancy!

  4. um, OK, I’ve never been preggers, YET…

    I still have problems with that damn Stonyfield Farm Yogurt!

    I just have to remember MAROON – is the Whole milk, ORGANIC kind.

    So, um, yeah. Maybe it’s just age. Sigh.

  5. I’ve read before that the partners of pregannt women also go through hormonal changes…Man or Woman. I would love to see more studies done on this…

    Also, I am so curious… Where did you find the poop?

  6. This is soooo exciting! But these are all the reasons why I am doubting I want to try and get pregnant again soon– how can I go to school and have this happen?

    You guys– This is really really cool.

  7. ;/.

    Check the freezer for the phone. That was where our SIL’s location of choice for their phone when she was pregnant.

  8. i totally buy into this post now.. makes so much sense..

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