Posted by: thiscait | February 25, 2008

Adventures in Pottying

We’re sort of potty training. And when I say sort of, I mean we hadn’t really planned on doing it yet, but Natalie went through this “NO DIAPER!” phase and as a result we’ve been allowing lots of bare-bottomed time as she wants it, and talking about potties a lot and ending up with a lot of pee in the potty but quite a bit on the floor as well. All while trying to be as low-pressure as humanly possible, but still hoping that we won’t be mopping up puddles for the next year. On Friday, Jen decided we should just give up for a while because Natalie is in a fabulously oppositional stage which makes the whole deal a little tricky at times. However, yesterday and today she wanted nothing to do with diapers, and was able to make appropriately timed requests for the potty. But I’m not here to brag about how my child will by out of diapers by 2 (Because she won’t. Not by a long shot.) No, I’m here to write about…The Poop-cident. You may want to stop reading now.

Natalie has had a habit of being a naptime pooper. Many a nap has been cut short by an untimely poop. So really, we haven’t had to deal with poop much in this potty endeavor. The few times we have, it has seemed like she’s possibly a little scared of the whole pooping on the potty deal. Which is not that unusual, really, and is no big deal to us. So we’ve tried to be extra laid back about that. This afternoon, however, it became clear that she really did have to poop. We tried the potty to no avail. We discussed options, and she decided she wanted to poop in a diaper. No problem. We put a diaper on, she went back to playing with C (our Monday toddler companion), and I went back to doing dishes. And then she began to cry.

She was pooping in the diaper and clearly distressed by that, so we took the diaper off, sat her on the potty, and she finished there. She was pleased with herself and quite anxious to examine the poop in the potty. Excellent. Progress made. She went (bare-bottomed) back to playing with C, and I once again returned to the dishes. And then there was another cry.

She was pooping again, this time with nothing to catch it. Begin high-speed poop calculus. The closest potty involved crossing area rugs- too hard to clean with two toddlers. Playroom floor is wood, so easy-clean, but second toddler might have too much fun with any…droppings, while I dealt with cleaning her. I suppose I might have been able to grab a potty and make it back in time, but, honestly it didn’t seem likely. So…I grabbed the poop. Right before it hit the floor. Yes, with my bare hands. Ran it to the bathroom. Returned, grabbed still-pooping child with unscathed hand. Dropped her on potty. Began scrubbing hands. Child happily finished pooping, this time for good.

Gave up on dishes.



  1. Heh. I did the same thing with a puppy once (don’t have kids yet, so pets are my “kids”).

    Listen, I was wondering…

    Would you be so kind as to tell me how in the world you changed the top part of your blog? I’ve been fidgeting with the code like crazy for 2 days and finally figured out what part of the code I need to add the image I want to, but then I can’t get it to look right, centered, like yours. Mind popping over to my blog and leaving an answer in the comments? Highly appreciated…


  2. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    I am not sure I will ever be able to eat an AdProb cookie again.

    (who the hell do I think I’m fooling? Bring on the damn cookies. Just um, would you mind washing your hands first?)

  3. You know what’s just as bad if not worse than touching your kid’s poop with a bare hand? Touching someone else’s kids poop with a bare hand. Not fun. I feel for ya.

  4. Now THAT is bravery! I’ve picked up the random poop that rolled out of the diaper during changing time, but there’s, you know, purell and wipes RIGHT there.

    I bow to your quick thinking skills and sheer gusto.

    Yasher Koach, as we say in Hebrew!

  5. I just want to say how very impressed I am that you were able to do all that thinking AND catch progressing poop!! such brave motherhood. Emily

  6. you are a true warrior mother now and should clearly be given some sort of “bravery and superb ability to think under pressure” award. oh how i do not look forward to the fun of potty training!!

  7. Isn’t it amazing, the feats that motherhood will inspire? I knew I’d crossed some sort of line the day I said, “it’s okay, baby, just get all that puke out onto Mama’s shirt, that’s a good boy.” But that pales in comparison to your act of courage and rug-preservation.

  8. Yeah, Cait’s the winner so far. I had held the title, as I once held out my hands for her to puke into in a restaurant (mark’s kitchen, for the locals), but Cait just spurred way, way past me.

  9. OMG

    I’ve got nothing more to say.

  10. You’re a supermom! I salute you!

  11. Alrighty then!

    (It’s amazing what you do once you have kids, no?)

  12. The joys of motherhood have no limits.

    (Just delurking to say)

  13. Heh heh, your hands were the super dooper pooper scooper!!
    Poo is just not meant to go in hands. There should be universal sign for this.

  14. wow, that sure beats ANY of my poop stories (and you know I have plenty)

    heh, we’ve done so many of those poopulus moments, but so far I’ve avoided grabbing the poop up in my hand! That’s some real mama-mojo.

  15. I salute you!

  16. We really do have to meet up sometime. When that happens, ask me to tell you the story of the great australian poo-painting disaster. it seriously is to revolting to post anywhere, but as a member of Shitcathing Sisterhooh, I feel you are entitled to hear all about it.
    Alison (FF/HM/ IVP)

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