Posted by: thatjen | February 28, 2008


5:00 pm – Coop babysitting mom calls to tell us her son (whom we’ve watched the past two afternoons) has been puking since they picked him up yesterday. Maybe we don’t want her to watch Natalie tomorrow?
6:00 pm – Call Gram – she can backup babysit but only until 1:30 pm. Fine. Will leave work early.
6:30 pm – Attempt to put Natalie to bed. Discover sippy cup has leaked on bedroom floor. Clean up.
7:55 pm – Natalie finally asleep, after much fussing, occasional gagging noises, and 3 mom shift changes
9:30 pm – Natalie cries and makes weird noise
9:33 pm – Cait calls for help – Natalie is fine, but water is racing down the walls of her room, flooding the floor.
9:34 -10:20 pm – Moms call upstairs neighbor repeatedly, mop up floor, relocate crib, rescue water damaged books, rug, curtains, lay out all towels on floor and windowsill, set up pack & play in moms’ room
9:34-10:20 pm – Natalie parties in crib watching moms do very weird things
10:21 pm – Moms crawl into bed. Natalie refuses to get in P&P
10:21 pm-12:05 am- Moms try music, rocking, nursing, singing, snuggling, ignoring, explaining, pleading, but Natalie will NOT go back to sleep.
12:06 am- Natalie is finally quiet and stays that way.
12:06 am-5:20 am- Moms and Natalie sleep somewhat restlessly. Moms jump at every rustle, certain that puking is about to begin.
5:20 am- Natalie cheerfully starts chattering.
5:30 am- alarm goes off.
5:30 am-5:45 am- Moms hit snooze and try to convince Natalie to sleep just a little bit more. Natalie tries to convince moms that sleeping is for chumps.
5:45 am- Moms drag themselves up and investigate status of Natalie’s room. Flooding has ended. Damage yet to be determined. Begin morning of many overtired meltdowns. Continue begging universe to let the stomach bug skip our house.
7:00 am on…only time will tell.



  1. I’m tired just from reading about your night and morning.

  2. OY

    5:30! Zoinks.

    I think I finally just acknowledged that I’ll never be one of those people who can get up before 6am, and just set my alarm accordingly…

    WRT the flooding, is it something that the CO-OP will be responsible for? OR will it have to come out of your insurance?

  3. It is COMPLETELY unfair of the universe to flood your home at a time when you can’t drink. Sheesh.

    Hope the day’s gotten better since 7am!

  4. ZOWIE!

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