Posted by: thatjen | February 29, 2008

The FIRST Part of the Week was Good

The drama continues and multiplies…

Yesterday I ended up going in to teach one class and one class only. They didn’t come because the teacher had screwed up her schedule and double booked the class.

I picked up Natalie and successfully kept her awake on the ride home (yay) and DID get her to go down for a decent nap with little difficulty. No complaints here.

The plumber was supposed to come by 2 pm but did not show until 3:30 or later. Not surprised, but not happy.

They DID determine the cause of the leak (fist sized hole in drainage pipe!!!) and repair it, but no one has stepped up to take responsibility for the damages to our unit. I’m not worried – we’re not going to pay for it – but I am not looking forward to the process.

On the way to drop Natalie off this morning, a car in the middle lane drifted further and further into MY lane, practically running me off the road. As a result, when I turned the corner, I clipped the curb with a loud bang, freaking Natalie out. THANK GOD the tire seems ok.

Half a mile later as we sat at a light, another car behind us tried to squeeze by to get in the left turn lane. Bang! She smashed the rear left of our car and kept going. I was shocked for a few seconds, noticed her mirror dangling freely in the wind, then realized I could pull into the turn lane behind her. I did, and honked. She ignored me. I honked some more. Finally she lifted her hands and shrugged. Steam began to pour out of my ears.

In a righteous fury, I wrote down her license plate, car make and model. The light turned, and I followed her around the corner. This particular road has a big gravel turn off on the side of the road where I figured we’d stop and exchange info. But she kept going AGAIN. At first I thought, well, if that’s the way you want to play it lady, and kind of enjoyed the thought of siccing the cops on her. But we stopped at a red light so I figured I should pull up next to her and make sure she realized there really was damage to both our cars.

“Do you know both our cars are damaged?” “Yes… I was going to stop.” (Me, goggle eyed.) “But you didn’t stop at the pull off.” “Well, I’m going to stop up there at the next pull off.” “I do have your license written down.” “Don’t threaten me!” (Me, stunned again!) “You hit ME and you didn’t pull over!”

Then I shut up, for everyone’s sake. We did pull over and exchange info. She was very weird. She looked at the damage on our car and said, “That’s nice,” two times, in a completely ordinary tone of voice. It was like reading something online and being completely unable to determine the writer’s mood. But I got her info and I will be calling my insurance company shortly. Usually I try not to bring insurance into things but I am not completely trusting this woman and that’s exactly why insurance exists.

On the whole, I can’t complain about this week. Nobody is puking, we have a roof (albeit wet) over our heads, I am still pregnant and we got to see the bean wiggling away, and I have a wonderful family. But YE GODS, enough with the calamities and repairs, ok?


  1. ACK!

    Wack-a-doodle, for sure.

    Ultimately, glad you are all OK, but what a PAIN IN THE “tusik”

  2. Oy.

    At least it’s the weekend, and you’re all still in one piece.

    But oy.

  3. Yikes!

    Obviously, you’ve got some really good weeks coming to you.

  4. Oh my LORD! I read the entire car incident with my mouth HANGING OPEN. WTF?

  5. Good riddance, February. I’m sorry it decided to bite you in the ass on the way out.

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