Posted by: thatjen | March 20, 2008

Good Friday. Very Good.

Spring break began for me today at 3:23 pm. Cait still has a half day, but as soon as the kids are gone tomorrow mid-day, she’s free too. We are thrilled beyond belief at the prospect of a week off, and the first school break in YEARS where we are not traveling at all (well, we didn’t go anywhere for spring break 2006 but we were a little preoccupied).

The pregnancy is so far uneventful and presumably healthy, but it is really taking a toll on me. Both of us, really, as Cait is the one to pick up the slack when I am exhausted and/or cranky. Which is a lot of the time. 😦 We’re also at the frustrating point where there really aren’t any symptoms to speak of (other than lingering vague nausea and general disinterest in food irritatingly combined with near-constant hunger) yet neither of us can feel the baby. My waist is definitely expanding, and I had to pull out some maternity clothes recently, but I’d really, really, like to be able to feel this kid so I could have a greater level of confidence that things are going as they should.

Thankfully, Natalie continues to be a delight, and makes us laugh and grin constantly. Things we’re enjoying lately:

  • She knows that the midwives use the Doppler to listen to the baby’s “heartbeep” and for a few days said it sounded like this: “honk honk”! Now, after many readings of Hello, Baby, she says it’s “ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom”.
  • When going down stairs, she counts them in Spanish (thanks to a Chilean babysitter). I think she’s related to Bono because she counts, “Uno, dos, trece.” My favorite, however, is 4: “cua-te-lo”.
  • She has finally learned to jump for real. We still get a fair amount of one leg leaving the ground, but she truly can get some air time with both feet. It came in handy after Cait & Natalie went to a frog exhibit at the National Geographic Museum with the Hydrangea crew – she spent the rest of the week jumping, hopping, ribbiting, and eating “dirt” (bugs).

Hopefully we’ll all be jumping by the end of this week of vacation: moms, Natalie AND wee Carbo.



  1. Heh. I spent much of yesterday evening, after Noah went to sleep, pressing on my lower belly trying to feel the baby, either from within or without.

    I don’t think I succeeded. But I did have to pee a lot.

  2. Hurrah for vacation! Much needed, I’m taking a guess.

  3. Happy Spring Break to you! Mine started a few hours ago and I’m so glad. I definitely remember the fatigue with number 2. Hope little Carbo gives you some jumping action soon!

  4. Here’s hoping that (G-d willing) Carbo is just resting for some big swims and jumps, soon to be felt by you!

    Malka continues to mention Natalie, so be sure to tell her hi from the cheeky. I promise to get pics up soon.

    As soon as I can tackle the laundry. 😉

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