Posted by: thiscait | March 26, 2008

One Should Never Post Success Stories…

…unless one is fond of very quickly eating one’s words.

Natalie woke from a too-short nap in a funky mood. Within a few short hours, she tested several limits, received multiple reminders about being gentle with her body, and soaked two pairs of underpants. We put her in a diaper, walked to a park far from a restroom, and played quite happily for a while. She returned with a dry diaper and cheerfully peed in her potty upon the diaper’s removal. Toddlers are fascinating creatures.

Oh, but our car is back with a new, functional, tire.


  1. Toddlers are definitely fascinating creatures.

    On Friday I read your potty success post with longing and wished that my son would actually tell me when he had to go potty.

    Then this weekend he did it all. Told me, used the potty and also used the toilets at 3 public places….go figure!

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