Posted by: thiscait | March 28, 2008

Poor Second Kid

I feel like we chronicled every noteworthy (and many a non-noteworthy) moment of Natalie’s gestation. Second child gets rare mention here, and has had all of two belly shots taken thus far. For those interested, here’s the 10 and 16 week comparison. Apparently there actually IS something happening in there.

We had some moments of terror on Monday as the midwife searched and searched for the heartbeat. We started to breathe a little when she said, “I certainly hear lots of movement,” but didn’t really exhale until she finally found it. Natalie actually knew what was happening this time, and was pretty fascinated. She sat with Jen and grinned at the sound. (We also took advantage of the visit to weigh Natalie, who can still safely rearface in her carseat! Woohoo!) Jen goes back and forth about whether she’s feeling movement yet. I think I can, occasionally, but maybe that’s just my pulse.

We visited friends with new triplets yesterday. Wow is about all I can say. I bow to those of you who have had multiples. After our gargantu-child, I have trouble comprehending the size of an average newborn. These guys were just teeny, though certainly not as teeny as some. And then there’s the matter of having three of them. Along with a toddler. Remind me of this when things are seeming overwhelming in September, eh?

On a totally unrelated note, thanks to Art-Sweet, Poopsmith is now among Natalie’s favorite songs. She has yet to heed its advice, but has been listening to it on repeat. Guess what’s stuck in my head today?


  1. That is a nice respectable bump you are growing there!

  2. I love the belly shots!

  3. hee heehee

    “poop in the potty, poop goes in the potty…”

    hee hee

  4. Very nice pictures! We need to learn that poop song too I think, though I don’t really want to…

  5. It really is different the second time around.

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