Posted by: thatjen | April 1, 2008

Psst! Wanna Buy a Cookie?

All hail Mel! She’s found a way to have the Internet’s biggest garage sale and give the money to our dear Cali to help with her FET! So far, Cait and I are planning to sell the following through Project UTERUS:

-2 dozen AddProb chocolate chip cookies!!! You know you want them!

-NWT Liz Claiborne little black dress (6 petite… clearly Cait’s and not mine!)

-NWT Old Navy pink s/s shirt with bows at sleeves (M… oddly – what with the pink and bows – also Cait’s!)*

More to come…

*She wants me to say, “and you can see why it’s still NWT!”)


  1. And Helen and Jen–I’m not doing this alone 🙂

    I am just amazed by all the help pouring in.

  2. what’s NWT?

  3. new with tags

  4. Your shirt is listed, but the dress and cookies are going up on the listing tomorrow.

    Can I just say how hungry I got when I wrote up the ad for your cookies? A little warning next time!

    *must. raid. kitchen. now.*

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