Posted by: thatjen | April 3, 2008

One Click Shopping!

Thanks to C, we now have a real, working link to the U.T.E.R.U.S. sale! Hooray.

UPDATE: And now thanks to Jody, we have a link to the US version (the items were first posted on UK eBay but are now mirrored to the US… hence the peculiar prices).

I note there are as yet no currently FOUR bids for the cookies. Ahem. WOOOHOO!



  1. hey jen – thanks for your comment. it is too late for this month, but really only because i just WANT to do both inseminations this month, since i didn’t do any last month. irrational, in part, i know. but i’ll deal with that. 🙂

    i think you know my clinic, too. the feminist clinic in the windy city …. they can store the tanks, they’ve had mine on hand since last month. and they actually don’t charge. only if they have to refill the tank itself. going forward, i think we’re going to buy several months at a time (we like our donor) and store and ship only one at a time/per month. but that’s going forward. this month, i’m just going to go with their protocol which is the night of the surge and the next day.

    also, i’ll test my surge tonight and tomorrow morning to track how quickly it drops off, more data for next month if we need it.

  2. Jen, if anyone from the UK wants choc chip cookes, I could send a batch of mine. They may not be up to your standards but they usually disappear pretty fast. Let me know if I can help in that way.
    Alison – IVP

  3. And, for those of us not in the UK, you can do a search on the US branch of eBay, too:

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