Posted by: thatjen | April 12, 2008

Look! A Post.

I think we should rename this place “Blogging Problems”. There has been a distinct lack of posting in the past few months. I thought I’d try to redeem a bit of that, but it ended up mostly being somewhat grumpy reportings on the state of the pregnancy. However, the alternative is continued radio silence, so forthwith the ramblings of my tired and somewhat whiny mind (with a few positives at the end).

  • This pregnancy, much more so than Natalie’s, has impacted my ability to eat and my interest in food. I’ve had nausea every pregnancy, but this time it was much more severe, and lasted longer. Even once it passed, I have been much less interested in food, but still needing to eat frequently. Needing to eat a lot and not liking food, when you are a person who usually LOVES food is such a pisser. Grrr. I’ve thrown out homemade cookies that have GONE BAD because no one has eaten them. It’s been over a month since we got our Girl Scout cookies and I have eaten one and 1/3 box out of three. I have NEVER had GS cookies in my house longer than a week! The ones from the open box are getting a bit stale, even! Stale Girl Scout cookies? That’s a SIN! And yet? I’m gaining nearly as steadily as I did with N, and started out heavier than I did with her.
  • Even during pregnancy, I feel a tension in caring for two kids, and compromises are being made. On the one hand, I have less energy for Natalie and have had many an evening when I just lay on the couch. I’m still nursing her, but if there’s any milk left, it’s very little indeed. While she’s still passionate about nursing, the amount of time actually spent nursing is minimal. As for wee Carbo, s/he just isn’t getting the kind of attention that the dynamo formerly known as Harpo did in utero.
  • The biggest similarity to the first two pregnancies is the tremendous hit to my energy levels, motivation, and ability to get things done. I envy all those women who bounce around at 13 weeks saying, “Don’t you love that second tri burst of energy?!” (And they really are out there. Just go to the due date boards on The Site We Love To Hate.) I did get a trickle of increased energy at 18 weeks… only to be felled by a cold a day later. It’s still dogging me. I hope it will wrap up this weekend and I will have a bit more energy. Please.
  • Time is passing much more quickly this edition. I am astonished to think that I am 19 weeks today, almost half done… except when I look in the mirror. There is one helluva belly sticking out already. It’s comparable to what I looked like at 6 or 7 months last time and I’m not even 5 yet! Aack!


  • I’m starting to be able to feel the baby move from time to time, and it’s just as awesome as last time. It’s equal parts reassurance – phew, it’s still ok – and wonder – wow! There’s really something in there! Cait has felt a few pokes, too. We’re both greedy and want MORE!
  • Natalie is very excited about the baby. Many evenings when we would otherwise have been nursing, she pats and pokes at my belly, sings to the baby, hugs the belly, and says, “Hi, baby!” (She also pushes on my belly with a devilish grin, saying “Push baby!” — knowing she is not supposed to. We are in for it.) She talks a lot about sisters and brothers… though mostly sisters. “I have a sister!” she often says. (But don’t think she’s onto anything. This is the same kid who proclaims fairly often that “I a big boy!”)

Lest you think I am a complete selfish brat, I do of course know we are so lucky to have this opportunity. Despite my whining, this really has been pretty easy so far and I am lucky that the only things I can complain about are the usual complaints of pregnancy. No matter the compromises and the fights which are sure to become commonplace in our house, we are so excited to be having another child to bring joy to our lives and companionship and challenge to Natalie’s life.



  1. It’s cute that Natalie thinks she’s having a sister. M and J kept insisting it was a sister too, and everyone said “kids have a 6th sense about these things!” Well, in our case they were dead wrong! Heh.

    I know what you mean about the lack of enthusiasm for food but still having to eat a lot of it. It’s a real pain. I hope it gets better for you. For me, it started getting better around 18 weeks, though I’d still throw up some mornings. Then it gradually improved. Just in the last week, I’m feeling more nauseous again in the AM or when I don’t eat, but no real aversions.

    I hope that this pregnancy continues on, uncomplicated and quietly. I understand what you mean about a second kid on the way already meaning compromise of attention. I think it must be really hard for parents of singletons to make the adjustment to two. We parents of twins already know about one or the other of our kids getting the short end of the stick at times – not that it ever feels okay, but it is what it is.

    Lots of love.

  2. I’ve been happy to read all the updates you’ve posted — please don’t stress about not posting more, I’m sure everyone understands completely.

    I’m glad to hear that everything is more or less okay, which is what it sounds like here. Seriously, who are these people who sail through pregnancy? Because I’m certainly not related to any of them, myself.

  3. YAY for 19 weeks!!!

    Very sorry to hear you’re so zapped, though. There are definitely some days when just getting through work feels like something award-worthy. And the prospect of doing housework once I get home??? Yeah, that’s not happening.

    Give little Carbo a belly rub from me!

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