Posted by: thatjen | May 12, 2008

Backed Up

I just want you to know that I am blogging in my head. I realize this isn’t very helpful or interesting to YOU, but I do think about the blog, and write fragments of posts. Quite frequently in fact. I suppose I ought to go over to the Twitter Dark Side, but for one thing, I’m still enough of a Luddite cheapskate idiot that I pay $0.15 per text message, so I don’t think it’s a good plan. Not to mention that my cell phone doesn’t work where *I* work. (Can you Twitter from a website?) Anyway, I have these ideas, sometimes nearly complete posts in my head but they never quite get out, no matter how much I try.

Since this has become pretty much a parenting blog, we now have the obligatory poop reference. Natalie is having similar output problems, but hers are more, shall we say, organic. She is very close to being out of diapers for daytime but is having a lot of trouble in the poop department. She just doesn’t seem to know HOW to poop in the toilet, or perhaps she is scared, but no longer poops in diapers much unless she’s asleep.* It’s becoming a major problem and led to a near war with my mom, who accused us of pushing her too much too soon and scarring her for life (we are only potty training at Natalie’s interest and insistence – she went through a major diaper refusal campaign, so what else were we going to do)? So we read a lot about poop, and talk about it being ok in diapers or potties, and listen to Poopsmith, and oh, dear lord the fiber, the fiber! Unfortunately, we’re now 4 days since the last deposit, and despite clear discomfort and a LOT of time spent on a potty or in a diaper today — nada. Suggestions ARE welcome.

*There have been a handful times when she did poop in the potty, but it was mostly accidental.



  1. I am so sorry Nat is having this problem! I have nothing, having not been there yet, of course. But my sympathy.

    I only twitter from the website. I don’t do it from my phone ever. Yet, anyway.


    I do most updating from there, but I’ll send some from the phone, too.

    I think I have a 300 text messages package, so it’s been OK so far….

    As for the poop situation – not much to share about location, but Malka gets 1 teaspoon of benefiber in her morning “meetz,” to help her poop. Her Ped suggested it, and it’s been great.

    Also – those Mango bars from trader Joes – a sweet treat for her, and TONS of fiber!

  3. I don’t exactly have first-hand experience successfully dealing with this one because my oldest never had a poop/potty problem. However, my younger one (who is a few days older than Natalie) is acting much like Natlaie now except that he is not quite as far along in the potty training process. He will wear a diaper readily but asks to pee on the potty once or twice a day. His one poop was accidental, and most of his poops are now during naptime. I am also worried about fear on his part because whenever I asked his about it he would vehemently tell me that he did not have to do that.

    I questioned a friend who dealt with a similar problem and she suggested continuing to go with the toddler-led potty training but not mentioning poop at all until he is pooping regularly in his diaper during waking hours again for several weeks. Then, she said that she looked for poop cues and tried to time potty visits so that the accidental poops happened with increasing regularity. Once that occurred she was able to deal with the specific fear as it was happening and the problem was solved.

    I am still in the not talking about poop at all phase, so I can’t vouch for the plan’s success personally, but it’s what I am trying at the moment.

  4. All three of my boyos had the same issue! What we ended up doing was picking out a new, special toy/game/what-have-you. They could play with it on days that they pooped in the potty, as it was a “big boy” toy. On days that they didn’t, it sat a shelf, where they could see it, as a gentle reminder. They never freaked out over having to put it on the shelf, it became their holy grail of pooping, LOL. Good Luck, and congats!

  5. You can also twitter from the website and set it up so it automatically puts your last few twitters in the sidebar of your blogger blog (we’ve got one of our twitters on the gus bus…)

  6. But can you make Twitter feed into the main blog entries? I’d sort of want to POST via Twitter.

  7. Yes, you can Twitter from the web. And you can feed it to your blog or whatever with something called “LoudTwitter.”

    xo and good luck with the poop.

  8. Delurking for a moment to share embarassing story. I was potty trained on the pee pretty early, but refused to poop until my folks realised that I needed a stool to have my feet on something solid. Don’t know if you’ve tried that.

  9. Grapes. They make Noah poop like crazy, anyway.

    Good luck. We are just watching the dust collect on the matching potty chairs we bought for Noah around his birthday. Both of them are absolutely and utterly unused, but for teeny-tiny moments of being sat upon by a fully dressed toddler. (“I-go-potty-I-all-done!”)

  10. Anything yet?

    The only advice I have is lots of warm baths and apple juice. I had a similar plight with Julian at this age. I’ll spare the gory details and just say that I earned an honorary midwifery license for what I helped birth.

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