Posted by: thatjen | June 15, 2008

Things We Want to Blog About

It’s been a hella busy weekend, so these are just WOUs.

  • The amazing package we got from Rachel at Signing Time!
  • Our CSA report (and how I keep losing vegetables)
  • Marching in the Pride Parade again (Natalie is a total Diva..)
  • 28 week belly pic (I guess we should take one, hmm?)
  • Moving to WordPress in the near future
  • A bubbly (grand)Father’s Day

It’s way past our bedtime, so the bullets will have to suffice for now.


  1. How do you lose vegetables?

  2. Glad you guys made it to Pride. We saw the rain clouds and ditched. Can’t wait to see the pics of Miss Thang.

    Question: when you move to wordpress, would you keep your same name? Now that #2 is almost here, would you consider something like “Addition Solutions”?

    Just wondering.

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