Posted by: thatjen | June 19, 2008

3 months to go?!?!?

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3 months to go?!?!?, originally uploaded by jrustdc.

Holy cannoli. I feel like a whale! I cannot believe I am going to grow and grow and grow for 12 more weeks! I am definitely bigger than I was at this point with Natalie.



  1. You look great !!!

  2. I love the belly shot! You look great!

  3. While your belly does seem to be big for this point in the pregnancy, I have to say, you look really good!

  4. Wow!! You look fabulous Jen!

  5. You look super! Happy and healthy and wonderful. I was verrrry pregnant last summer (baby born 9/3), and as hard as it was at times, fall is a perfect time to have a tiny one, I think.

  6. You look lovely & happy. Goodness, I know it might not feel like it, but from this viewpoint, it seems like things just went by so quickly!

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