Posted by: thiscait | June 27, 2008

The Fun Continues

Last night we cleaned off the final two shelves of my mom’s pantry. The moth population seems to be dissapating. There are still a few moth-related odds and ends to be done, but the majority of the project is complete.

This morning, while I was picking my mom’s partner up at the airport, Jen decided to investigate the damp spot near the air conditioner purchased for our benefit two summers ago (here is where I remind you that we stay in my mom’s attic when we’re visiting). Apparently when my mom set it up prior to our arrival, she neglected to check for the little rubber stopper that goes in the back. Water has been running out of it and onto the floor since Monday. The damp spot was more than damp. It was soaked. Half the futon in that corner is a sodden mess. The carpet is almost puddly. Begin project #2: The Drying.

However, yesterday ice cream saved our lives. OK, just our car, but doesn’t it sound better to say it saved our lives? We left my dad’s house in the evening to get ice cream while storm clouds gathered on the horizon. As we drove, a full-on storm broke, complete with sideways rain. My dad drove separately so that he could return home afterward and we could take our overtired girl back to my mom’s for bed. He called shortly after we got home to make sure we had made it OK and to let us know that when he got home there was a large tree limb exactly where our car had been parked.

I’m feeling kind of numb about my uncle. Disbelief, I think. And many other things that I will save for another post. But thank you all for your thoughts.

All things considered, we ARE having a nice, if sometimes exhausting and stressful visit with my family. And currently my crazy child is trying to do soccer tricks with a reindeer weeble. How can one stay grumpy with that kind of entertainment?


  1. I love the new look! And I’m not in your blogroll, but I would love to be!

  2. Yike!

    I’m glad that ice cream saved your lives. And your car. And your car’s life.

    How’d the drying go? It sounds like a long hard process to dry a futon. Especially since the weather doesn’t sound like it would have been helpful.

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