Posted by: thiscait | July 14, 2008

The Madness (or, The Nesting Begins)

At the moment, two toddlers are playing peacefully in the playroom, chattering and occasionally running in to show us fake food they’ve cooked. We are, for the most part, blissfully ignoring them (though, for the record, carefully monitoring noises and voices to make sure that all is safe and peaceful) and checking email, blogs, etc. It is a beautiful contrast to the madness of the weekend, and I can only hope it continues through the day.

Much, much later…

The day did, in fact, continue on a pretty mellow path. You know, as much as a day with two toddlers can. A trip to the pool, a nap, music group, dinner, then pickup for one and bed for the other. Compare that with the following:


  • Begin frightening process of sorting through Natalie’s clothes, both current and the ones in boxes, bags and piles on her floor. Sort by size and by what we can and can’t imagine putting on a boy, just in case.
  • Somehow I end up sorting through my closet, too. End up with beautifully organized closet and a huge pile of things I haven’t worn in at least the last year.
  • Begin laundry project on garments that for one reason or another are unwearable currently but could be saved.


  • Drop Natalie off at Gram’s. Have majorly unpleasant interaction (not with Gram this time). Finish and copy Natalie’s preschool forms. Wave goodbye to toddler who barely notices our departure from her blissed-out spot on her aunt’s lap.
  • Drop off preschool forms at director’s house.
  • Head to a hideous stretch of road in Maryland with insane number of big box stores which we fondly refer to as Hell.
  • Drive up and down Hell entering and exiting 4 different furniture stores looking for storage solutions we can’t afford. And stop for lunch. Remain remarkably cheerful despite fruitless searches and the growing sense that there’s no way we’re ever going to make it through the next year, financially-speaking.
  • Check with Gram. Natalie still sleeping. Plans to go to swimming once she wakes up. Depart Hell and head to Value Village.
  • SCORE! Baby monitor, doorway jumper, real but harder to break glasses for N to drink out of. Cheap. As we finish paying, we notice a dresser. Nearly perfect for one of our storage issues. Good quality, but inexpensive. Buy it, haul it home. Find community handtruck so that I can transport dresser to our house. Send email asking for a neighbor to help me lug it upstairs. (Jen, obviously, has too much belly to be useful in this regard right now.)
  • Arrive home. Natalie and Gram are having a blast at the pool, so arrival home will be a while still. Assemble potty/stepstool for Gram to take to her house. Check in on continuing laundry project. Appears successful. Put clothes in dryer.
  • Jen begins massive sorting of her dresser. Eventually I join in, sorting through my drawers and the things on top of the dresser.
  • Call from Gram, they’re on the way and Natalie is demanding “Pancakes. With syrup.” for dinner. Start cooking and clearing space in the house for her return.
  • Drag two neighbors away from the Friday-night gathering down the way and force them to help me move the new dresser up and the old one down.
  • Feed child and put her to bed.
  • Continue sorting. Drag two large bins from the basement and sort them too. Just for kicks.
  • Somewhere around 10PM, begin to try to organize the growing piles of crap for the next morning’s neighborhood-wide yard sale.
  • Too late: go to sleep.


  • Upon N’s awaking, jump into yard sale action. Things are wheeled, dragged and lugged in many, many trips from our house to the area where the sale is being held.
  • Organizing begins, complete with early customers sorting through bins and baskets and asking questions.
  • Sale begins. Natalie and I embark on a tricycle ride to investigate other sales and to keep her from claiming everything on the jewelry table as hers. Trike ride consists of equal parts her riding, her walking, and me carrying her piggyback while I push the trike and she licks my shirt.
  • Return hot and tired. Fetch water and snacks. Eventually fix a picnic lunch for Natalie, and allow Jen to put her down for her nap so that she can cool off a bit.
  • By 1:00 we declare ourselves done, even though the sale lasts until 2. Too hot. Too tired. Jen rigs baby monitor so that we can both pack up our part of the sale while still safely monitoring our sleeping child.
  • Dump bags and other items in general community sale territory. A neighbor who is currently my hero has volunteered to take all remaining items and donate them somewhere.
  • Collapse. Hydrate. Eat lunch. Shower.
  • Jen departs to pick up this week’s CSA box. I lounge on the couch thinking maybe, just maybe I can nap a bit before–
  • Natalie wakes up.
  • Jen returns.
  • Pack things, Jen fixes me iced coffee, head over to J, E, and e’s. Note that Natalie has no clean PJs left, so laundry needs to be done ASAP.
  • Have a delightful swim and dinner with J, E, and e. All hail caffeine.
  • Bring home overtired child. Put her to bed and crash.


  • Drag ourselves out of bed after Natalie finishes her morning nursing. Begin frantically trying to restore order to the house before 10:30. Start laundry.
  • Scrambling, showering, dressing, and laundering continue until…
  • Jen’s dad and stepmom arrive. Natalie immediately bursts into tears.
  • Once Natalie recovers, head to local diner for brunch. Natalie amazes us by eating all but a few bites of a full order of pancakes. With syrup. She is disappointed that they don’t serve edamame for brunch.
  • Return to our house, visit until Natalie informs everyone that she is going to take a nap and begins to climb the stairs.
  • Say goodbyes. Entire family collapses.
  • Natalie wakes us up late for the community meeting, and insists that she wants to attend with Jen.
  • I make a work call while Jen takes N to the meeting.
  • After the call, join them at the meeting and take N into playroom in futile effort to gently encourage her past the shy stage she’s in. She happily plays with the other kids but for the most part avoids the adults.
  • Post-meeting and community birthday celebration, feed Natalie dinner and put her to bed.
  • Scrounge up something for grownups to eat. Fold laundry. Finally import and post insane quantity of pictures from our trip.
  • Too late: go to sleep.

Jen had aspirations of beginning to tackle the paper sorting project tonight. I think we’re taking the night off and eating ice cream. The madness is likely to continue, though, so long silences probably indicate that we’ve buried ourselves in…something. If we are no longer posting, responding to email, or answering our telephones, you can feel free to send in a search team.


  1. Dang! I’m exhausted just reading that post!

  2. Wow, what energy. I’m too tired to nest.

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