Posted by: thiscait | July 17, 2008


No, we have not been buried by our sorting efforts. Yet. It’s been close at times. Last night especially. We were able to tunnel out, though, and bins of appropriately sorted and labeled clothes are gradually coming to rest in all the right places. My body feels like I have completed some kind of major athletic event. As the non-pregnant one, my job has been to carry all of the bins, boxes, furniture and other heavy items up and down stairs, in and out of the house, and to and from our basement storage space across the green. Ouch. For the record, Jen has tried to offer to help, but there has been a surprising increase in (probably harmless) contractions in the last few days, so that has not seemed wise in many ways.

I should be sorting through the birth supply box, but am finding myself unable to move into a sitting position. Typing is only mildly painful, so instead, here are a few random ramblings and Natalie tales…

  • The absolute best part of summer so far has been that Jen’s mom agreed to pay for a pool membership for us. We joined the local Y, which has a great outdoor pool (and is cheaper than most of the community pool memberships). It is an absolutely heavenly way to wash away some of the DC heat, and Natalie is both loving it and developing some good early swimming skills. And Jen? Well, as she said when we joined, “If I’m gonna be hugely pregnant during a DC summer, I’m damn well gonna be doing it in the water.” And so she is.
  • Our midwife arrived at our house on Tuesday on her powder blue Vespa. Words do not do justice to the image of the rather stereotypical hippy flowy skirt midwife riding away on her bike.
  • Natalie is pretty much exclusively wearing underpants during waking hours these days. During our long drives to and from Michigan, she wore diapers, but peed at the “pee stores” and kept the diapers dry, much to our amazement. She’s making progress with the whole pooping anxiety thing now that she’s home with us full time. I figure she’ll probably have it pretty much down right around the time her sibling arrives and throws her entire life into chaos.
  • Speaking of which, Natalie has announced many times lately that she is going to have a sister. If she is then asked, “oh, so you think the baby is a girl?” she replies (in utter exasperation), “No! A SISTER!” Right. Of course. How silly of us to suggest such a thing
  • Today after her nap, Natalie requested another diaper. When I tried to explain to her that the insert she was offering was not actually a diaper in and of itself, she scolded me, “MAMA! It’s MY butt! You not take it away from me!” After which, she walked bare-bottomedly downstairs.
  • Natalie has become particularly involved in the imaginary lives of her dolls. She will insist that she needs to retrieve whichever doll is the favored one for the moment from wherever it was last placed, telling us, “She’s crying! She’s crying so much! I NEED her!” Sometimes doing so from her crib over the monitor as she’s supposed to be sleeping. She rocks them, cuddles them, swaddles them, and coos to them in soothing tones. She is furious when we won’t let her put their “poopy” diapers in the real diaper pail, and is horrified if we move them from wherever she has carefully placed them. If her gentle, loving way with her dolls is any reflection of our behavior, I think we’re doing OK.
  • Natalie wants her babies to experience things as realistically as possible. Which means that she frequently claims the baby things we’re sorting through for their use. Last night it was the bath seat. After Blue Baby received two “baths” in the seat, we pried Natalie away to put her to bed. As we led her to her room, she howled, “But she needs a bath! She’s a dirty bird! She’s a dirty bird!”
  • Natalie’s strict adherence to realism in her imaginative play came in handy when picnicking at a playground with my family. Natalie clearly had to pee but was not keen on using her travel potty, and there was no real bathroom anywhere close-by. I carried her potty to a house-like corner of the play structure that she’d been enjoying, told her it was the bathroom, and she quite gleefully peed. If only everything were that easy.
  • While Natalie’s language is becoming more and more complex by the day, bits of her pronunciation still entertain us to bits. Consonant blends, in particular those starting with S, give her trouble, resulting in such words as frinkler, fitting fog, and Fanish Fool (Spanish school–her name for the language immersion co-op preschool she’ll be attending in the fall).
  • For kicks, and because I’m running out of things to say, here’s a family photo from Michigan.

The birth box is not going to organize itself. Must move now.


  1. Are you wearing the same shoes in the family photo? You are, aren’t you? I could die of the cute.

  2. That is a great family photo and I too love the shoes. Carbo is so well hidden I almost forgot for a minute.

  3. Love the family photo!!

  4. Very cute photo. Jen looks a lot taller than I imagined. Is this true or is it an optical illusion?

  5. That’s such a great photo! Life sounds exhausting around your place … but what great reasons to be so busy.

  6. We are the lesbian family ad for Chaco shoes, it’s true, but they ARE different patterns. We both have the Mark of Zorro Chaco tan, though. And it’s coincidence that we all have purple on AND the dino matches. A lot of my maternity handmedowns are purple, as are a lot of Cait’s shirts in general. Natalie’s shirt is one of a very few purple shirts she has, but she LOVES it.

    Clem, I am the tallest, yes. 5’8″. Natalie is on track to be of similar height, if old wives’ tales are to be believed.

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