Posted by: thatjen | July 22, 2008

Um… we’re famous?

At least a little bit, maybe. Check this out:
Online Media Firestorm Over McCain Comments
(scroll down… we’re towards the bottom!).

When we write posts about things like our second parent adoption (soon to be repeated, we hope, for wee Carbo, if we can figure out how the #@$%^ to pay for it), I generally assume we are preaching to the choir. It’s really great to see that by blogging we ARE sharing our experiences with some people who otherwise wouldn’t know some of the challenges GLBT families face – and that at least one of them has gone on to share that understanding with others who probably wouldn’t ever stumble across our blog. Thanks, Amy!


  1. […] I was greatly cheered to see the links to the two blogs that mentioned us… that was an unexpected bright spot this evening at a fairly low moment.  Hooray for the […]

  2. that is awesome!!!!

  3. I think it’s great that you did write about the second parent adoption stuff because so many of them are only quasi-legal, so lots of other people can’t write about it.

    And it so obviously needs to be explained to people. Because lots of people won’t otherwise know.

    Go you. And good luck with the funding of it this time around. Having to worry about that makes me so angry.

  4. Sorry about my weirdly placed paragraph breaks up there. Very tired today.

  5. Wow, that’s cool! Although, I hadn’t heard McCain’s statement, and I’m not sorry I missed it. What an idiot. (Seriously: “Both parents are important, except when they’re not a man and a woman. Then one of them can suck it.” He’s an asshole.)

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