Posted by: thatjen | July 29, 2008

Don’t read this if you don’t like whining

I feel like complete crap and I am totally grumpy about it.  I have a sinus infection and it’s a weird one – the two primary symptoms are that my nose is running like an Olympic sprinter, and that is giving me the WORST cough I have ever had.  If I sit absolutely still (typing is too vigorous), and mostly upright, I can go for long stretches without coughing.  Like 15 minutes.  So I can’t do a damn thing.  We went to the mall and the grocery store this morning and it was miserable… and everyone kept looking at me like GET BACK TO THE TB WARD.  (By the way: not contagious so shut up, losers!)  Thankfully my sinuses don’t hurt much at all (weird).

I am taking a million medications (all as pregnancy-safe as possible) but they aren’t helping much.  Although I do get to model using an inhaler for Natalie, so maaaaybe the next time we need to give hers to her she might not fight as much.  I can dream.

Cait is running herself into the ground trying to keep me from doing things, and she’s not 100% herself, battling the remnants of a migraine, so we keep having these little fights over who is doing too much.  Despite both of our efforts, the house is a complete disaster area and ants are overrunning the kitchen.  There are little piles of mail everywhere which surely contain many bills getting dangerously close to late.  Plus we still have some major things to do in prep for the kid on the way and Natalie starting preschool (kid due: 9/6.  Nursery school starts 9/8.  Whee.)

And I have exactly 10 weekdays left until I go back to work.  I wanted to spend my last work-free days with Natalie DOING fun things.  Not trying to breathe.

Oh, and when I cough?  I pee.  Fun.

But we DID meet with a lawyer so we do at least have temporary guardianship papers designating Cait as Carbo’s guardian.  Now we just need to come up with $3,500.

</whine>  Thank you for reading… sorry to clog up the blogosphere with my Poor Me story.



  1. Perfectly and completely understandable. *hugs*

  2. oh sweetie, I’m sorry.

    I kind of giggled at the image of you two bickering about the “no, let ME do it for YOU” fights! 😉

    And Malka’s happy to loan out her “eddie the Elephant” book, which shows a smart mommy making sure that Eddie drinks lots of water, and uses his “puff puff” and warms up before exercising. We got it form one of our ER visits, it’s an asthma book, but she LOVES it, and after having read it, she’s REALLY great about using her inhaler, JUST like Eddie.

  3. That sound miserable!!!!!!! Hope you feel better soon!

    Wow… preschool and the baby are 2 days apart?? That will be… fun…

  4. Well, I read all the time and I think you almost NEVER whine, so you are due. I hope you feel better very soon.

  5. Gah. I so remember all the joys of late pregnancy. Sinus pain and wetting my pants every 30 seconds were at the top of my list. Does inhaling steam with some Olbas or tea tree oil help with the sinuses? And I found a bit of caffeine helped with the sinus headaches. Plus you get all the health freaks looking at you like you are sucking on a cigar just because you are drinking a Diet Coke whilst heavily pregnant. Which always used to me make me want to shout at them: ‘one more disapproving look from you and I will come over there and pee on your shoe, muesli breath’.
    I send you transatlantic wafts of sympathy, plus a reminder to sleep as much as you can as long as you can. Screw the housework and start stockpiling those zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

  6. I love it – arguing over who is doing too much. That’s the kind of arguing we should all be so lucky to partake in! Here’s to hoping the 6th comes soon…but not TOO soon…!

  7. Yuck yuck yuck. Sorry you are feeling so miserable. All of you.

    All I can really do is sympathize with the excessive secretions and stress of these last few weeks of gargantuan pregnancy with a 2 year old.

  8. Geez, whine away…I feel sorry for you too!!! It sounds absolutely miserable and it’s still hot there, isn’t it?
    I hope you start feeling better soon.
    And Cait is wonderful! Fighting over who gets to do the dishes! Not a fight I EVA had with my ex, I can tell you.

  9. Whine away. If ever someone deserves to, it’s being a pregnant sick person.

    And I think it’s totally WHACK that it costs $3500 to make what is apparent to anyone with eyeballs, legal-wise.

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