Posted by: thatjen | August 2, 2008

Could Be Raining

Although we’d both managed to forget it was our anniversary, we did have some good plans for the day. Jenny & Ezra had suggested a day trip to the beach (yes, DCers, you can take a day trip without spending more than half in the car… just go to Sandy Point Beach less than 60 minutes away! It’s a Bay beach, not the Atlantic, but it’s a BEACH), so I was crushed when I woke in the middle of the night to thunder, lightning, and pouring rain. By morning, it had slowed to a drizzle but it was no beach day. Natalie had a hard time understanding when we told her we WEREN’T going to the beach after all, and asked off and on for a few hours, “Go beach with Elsie?” We told her we’d do something fun (but really weren’t sure what).

However, by the end of the day, we’d basically had the perfect summer day. We slept in (to the degree that anyone with an early rising two-year old can, which is to say we lay in bed with her for a while and then dragged out the computer to let her watch a Signing Time video while we dozed), we had a semi-lazy morning playing and doing a few light chores, we napped*, we had lots of really good ice cream, and Natalie played in her favorite fountain. The rain was gone, and there were fluffy white clouds in the sky. On the way home, we picked up our third of the CSA share we’re splitting with friends, and there was corn! Glorious corn! So we had it for dinner.

Sleep, ice cream, water fun and corn on the cob? That pretty much epitomizes summer for me. And we’re going to try for the beach again tomorrow.

*OK, Natalie napped, Jen catnapped, and Cait really didn’t get to sleep because N woke up too early. But Cait had stayed in bed for an hour or so after N & I got up so it washes out, more or less.


  1. Happy anniversary! Let’s hear it for wonderful days that just seem to happen (even in spite of planning).

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