Posted by: thatjen | August 4, 2008

Tightwad Tidbit

It is August. It is hot. I am hugely pregnant. My kid is a cranky, snotty mess. The only thing that can salvage this situation is… ice cream! And I’m here to tell you that the best deal in town is Potbelly Sandwich Works, if you’ve got one. We got milkshakes this afternoon for $2.69 each.* Around here, most ice cream places, even plebeian ones like Baskin Robbins, charge over $4 for a milkshake. Some of the upscale ones start at $5 or $6!!! Yeah, the one at Potbelly isn’t huge, and they have a very limited flavor selection – but since that selection includes coffee, it works for me.

Other cheap summer treats: a basic, old school ice cream sandwich. One of our corner stores even sells them for $0.25! God only knows what’s in them but they do taste fiiiiine, and for very little ka-ching.

Of course, it’s even cheaper to skip the frozen goodies when you are out and about but sometimes in the summer you need a little treat. How do you keep cool and keep money in your pocket?

*And we = the grownups. I saved even more money by NOT getting one for the kid! Rationale: a) we had another kid with us who is not allowed to eat sweets. b) no children were in the store with me when I bought them. c) the kid is snotty because SHE now has a cold, so she does NOT need excess dairy right now. I avoided dairy for over a week with my cold/sinus infection. This is my reward! d) we told them it was coffee and coffee is for grownups. We just didn’t mention it was coffee ice cream.



  1. I absolutely adore the logic of why it’s for grown ups. I plan to use that excuse myself now!

    My not so cheap but still money-saving in a roundabout way treat: Starbucks iced chai lattes. How is that cheap you say? Our points from our credit card get us gift cards to various places. With all of the expenses from being in our first year in the house (thank you home improvement stores!), we had a lot of points to redeem. So…$50 gift card to Starbucks, among other home improvement type cards.

  2. I buy ice cream on sale. Between our local grocery store and CVS, we have a lot of ice cream in the freezer right now…. (2 Haagen Dazs or B & J’s for $5 or $6, not bad!)

  3. Mmmm, $1.29 slushie in green apple from our local convenience store. Home-made slushie-like drinks made from frozen pina-colada mix (no alcohol, just coconutty-pinapply goodness).

  4. I don’t have any chaep ice cream tips (and I even missed the free ice cream day at both Friendly’s and Ben & Jerry’s this year), but one way we could stay cool around here would be to check out some of the public pools around here. I’ll have to add that to our to-do list.

  5. McDonalds Dollar menu—hot fudge sundae

    $2.29 for TWO sundaes for TWO kids!!!

    I discovered this last month on our 15-hour trek home from Florida. It made the last 2 hours of the trip (which are the hardest) much easier.

  6. Do you have one of those popsicle freezing trays? We used to always make popsicles with frozen applesauce. Great for kids, and tasty for adults as well.

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