Posted by: thatjen | August 10, 2008

Did it have to be THAT?

You know that when you entrust the care of your child to someone else, inevitably she will learn SOMETHING from that caregiver that you wouldn’t have taught her.  So we weren’t surprised when Natalie’s vocabulary was broader than what we’d spoken to and around her – in ways good and bad (e.g. my mother’s campaign to replace our use of the word “fart” with “gas” has been somewhat successful… you decide if that’s good or bad).  And Cait and I often turn to one another in surprise when she spouts a turn of phrase we don’t recognize or demonstrates a skill we didn’t know she had.  But last week, it finally happened.  We realized she’d learned something truly bad from her other babysitter.  “Who taught you to do that?” I asked in indignation.  “J. does it,” said the little stool pigeon innocently.  “Well, we don’t do that in our home!” I retorted.

But I caught her at it again today… licking her finger and turning the page of a book.

Oh, the horror.


  1. hahahahaha – I was expecting something MUCH more vile!

  2. Great lead up– I was imagining all the heinous possibilities– but I guess for a librarian, this one is pretty heinous!

  3. Oh God. Next thing you know she’ll be folding back the corners to keep her page. It’s all downhill from here.

  4. Ha ha ha ha!!!! Classic!!! Did it have to be THAT! I laughed so much when reading that. Loves it though.

    Would love to link you if you don’t mind me doing so, love the blog!


  5. That’s a disgraceful habit. (erm, I do it, too)

  6. she will pick up more words and edit herself..babies do imitate others see to it that she’s around better spoken people…
    lovely read. [:)]

  7. absolutely hysterical! thanks for the comic relief today.

  8. you’re very funny.

  9. Snort.

    I agree — turning page corners is the next horror down the pike!

    (I never did do the baby books, and have finally, mostly, admitted defeat. I may, someday, put together something via Blurb, but I don’t know when. The guilt weighs on me, but everyone has something that goes by the wayside I guess.)

  10. D blew on the edge of the newspaper page the other day like my father does to seperate the pages 🙂 He also draped a shirt over his head and announced “I am Holy God”.

    N sounds far too cute!

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