Posted by: thatjen | August 14, 2008

A Recent Conversation

J: Did you paste the letters into Natalie’s journal?

C: They’re ready to go but I didn’t paste them.

J: You should probably do that before we have another kid.

C: Yeah, we should update her baby book and all kinds of stuff too.

J: We’ll never do any of that after we have another kid.  We’ll never write in… OMG, we don’t even HAVE a baby book for this one!!!

…poor second kid!


  1. here’s something to make you feel better: *none* of mine have baby books. and feel pretty bad about it too.

  2. meant to write “*I* feel pretty bad about it.”

  3. I hear you. Perhaps I should update both of my boys’ books now that I will be on maternity leave.

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