Posted by: thiscait | August 23, 2008


Because of Jen’s allergies, we change the sheets on our bed every week.  Sure, some people do it just because it’s the tidy thing to do, but for us it’s primarily about the battle with dust mites.  We have three sets of sheets that are in the main rotation, and a few that are used only in desperate times.  When we were trying to get pregnant this time, Jen always seemed to bleed on the yellow ones (her favorites).  To the point where I would try to change the sheets early or late or somehow stack it so the yellow ones wouldn’t be on at a critical time.  Didn’t work.  Without fail, we’d get a surprise of a big ugly stain on the yellow sheets as what we’d hoped would become our baby exited her body.

At the beginning of the cycle that worked, we put the yellow sheets away.  We ceremoniously washed them, folded them, and put them into the bin under the bed.  She didn’t bleed.  We didn’t pull them back out.

Today marks 38 weeks.  The yellow sheets are back on the bed.  Our baby is free to exit Jen’s body.  It won’t of course.  If it’s anything like Natalie, it’ll wait until we’re good and sure that it’s never coming.  But it’s amazing to think that we’ve come this far.  And that sometime within the next four weeks we will become a family of four.


  1. I can’t believe your due date is so close! I can’t wait to find out who will be joining your family–

  2. I’m just glad to hear we aren’t the only ones who have stained sheets, and still use them.

    We now think ahead, and put a towel down before that time of the month, but you know.

    OK, Carbo – come on out, it’s all good! 😉

  3. You are way more organized than we are. Stained sheets remain in random rotation, changed when one of us has the laundry energy to think about it.

  4. Yay for the yellow sheets! I also can’t believe it’s already almost time. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best…

  5. Wow, I didn’t realize it was 38 weeks already, either. I hope everything goes smoothly here on out — go yellow sheets!

  6. thinking of you all!!!

  7. Wow, I had no idea you guys were so far along! Can’t wait to hear all about the birth of your new little one!

  8. Wow! 38 weeks! Can’t wait to meet Carbo. I hope Jen is able to get a few hours of sleep each night on those yellow sheets.

  9. I don’t think it’s organization, Liza. More superstition and paranoia! However, we do have a lot of sets of queen sheets and a complex hierarchy of if and when they are used – but it is mostly about the associations we have with them!

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